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Genus AI Generate AI Images From Text
Genus AI Growth Marketing Platform allows you to auto-generate hundreds of high impact videos within minutes. It empower your creativity and take your business next-level with AI.

Generate AI Images From Text

Genus AI is the Perfect platform for Transform catalog ads into dynamic on-brand creative. It uses AI to control the look and feel of all your product catalog ads. This platform scales your creative process. and creates hundreds of high-performance videos within minutes.


Genus AI Growth Marketing Platform is specially designed for brands of any size to be able to create videos at scale, identify winning ad creatives, and design bespoke seed audiences. It provides all the popular brand integration like Shopify, Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.



It offers three types of subscription plans Catalog Generation, Brand, and Enterprise. The First plan is Catalog generation at $2,000 / month, the Second one is brand at $3,000 / month, and the third plan is for Enterprise at $8,000 / month. It also offers 7 days free trial plan for testing.


Key Features of  Genus AI are

  • Generate videos at scale
  • Identify winning ad creatives
  • Model seed audiences
  • Make smart ad decisions using a single dashboard


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