Poplar Studio – Virtual Commerce Solution

Poplarstudio AR Commerce and Marketing Solution
Poplar Studio offers end-to-end 3D and AR virtual commerce solution, you can increase conversions by empowering customers to visualise products in 3D and AR. Embed into your ecommerce website now with just a single line of code.

AR Commerce and Marketing Solution –

Poplar Studio offers a new generation of shopping experiences through visualisation technology Like AR and 3D etc. We increase sales and decrease returns by offering 3D and AR previews of products across e-commerce websites, social commerce and the metaverse.


It helps to Build brand awareness and engage with targeted audiences on social and the web with interactive AR and 3D campaigns.


Poplar studio offer an end-to-end marketing solution to help you build brand awareness and engagement using augmented reality (AR) and 3D For ecommerce Product.


It provide creative strategy, concepts and moodboards, augmented reality ecommerce marketing. It take existing brand assets and turn them into 3D renderings.


It generate an AR experience using your 3D assets.  Polar Studio provide analytics to help you track the success of your campaign.


Key Features of Poplar Studio are –

  • Face filters
  • Augmented world
  • Mini Games
  • Image Tracker
  • Increae the conversion rate for AR ads
  • Increase in brand awareness with the creative use of AR
  • It helps to AR/VR ads incorporated into digital marketing campaigns


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