15+ Styling Radio Buttons With Modern CSS

Radio buttons are widely used in forms and dialog boxes to allow users to select one option from a predefined set of mutually exclusive options.

They are very similar to checkboxes. The main difference is that radio buttons are limited to one choice but checkboxes are not. With radio buttons, If a user tries to select more than one option, the previous choice is deselected.

Radio Buttons is a small circular buttons that can be either selected or deselected. When a radio button is selected, it shows that a particular option or choice has been chosen by the user. The Radio Buttons are mainly designed for a single selection. Radio buttons are frequently used in various online applications, such as online surveys, online forms, preference settings, quiz forms, etc.

Google Dots Radio Buttons

Google Dots Radio Buttons offer four colorful radio buttons with a smooth bouncing effect. Each button has different animations and different effects. The selection of one of the buttons is highlighted with a white dot.

Radio Hopping

This is an eye-catching Radio Hopping Button, If you select different options, watch the dot worm hop from the previous to the current.

Jumping Radio Button

This Radio button has a simple design with a jumping selection dot animation. When you select any option the selection dot comes with a jumping animation. It pure CSS radio button and uses sibling selectors.

Toggle Radio Intput With The Label

This Toggle Radio Input With The Label offers the fade zoom-in and fade zoom-out effects for square radio buttons using JS and CSS.

Simple Radio Button

Simple Radio Button is colorful with smooth animation. When The option is selected circle move to that selected option of the button with a color change. When the option is deselected, the circle moves to the next selected option.

Liquid Radio Button

The liquid Radio Button is beautiful and stylish. The animation is smooth elegant and works well. The option is selected It is graphically shown by a big drop falling in the middle of the button. When the option is deselected, the button-filling splashes create ripples and disperse.

Swappy Radios

This Swappy Radios Button with a simple design with swap animation. Users will be very happy and entertained making their selection.

Material Radio Button

The Material Radio Button offers liquid animation when the option is changed. It shows the selection with a circle without covering the selection.

Jelly Radio Button

This Jelly Radio Button is a simple and elegant design. It is purely an HTML CSS radio button. In this button, only vanilla CSS is used with a nice zoom-in effect.

Pure CSS – SVG Radio Selector Buttons

Pure CSS – SVG Radio Selector Buttons As the name suggest this radio button is purely built with CSS and SVG. When the option is selected it color changes.

Smile Toggle

This radio button has two options one is a fun and a bad option. Depending on the selected side, the appearance of the smiley changes. When you select the “bad” side, it is grey and sad. But you select the “fun” side, the color changes to blue and the face starts to smile.

Balloon Radio Buttons

The balloon radio button gives your radio button a unique and interesting look. There are five balloons representing five different options when you selected any one its color changes pink and shows that option is selected.

Pill Styled Radio Buttons

This Radio button is nicely designed with large font and smooth animation. It pure CSS radio button and uses sibling selectors and pseudo-class.

Radio Button Dot-Slider (Pure CSS)

This is the best radio button for displaying any range. Its design is in such a way that one line connects the five option radio buttons and when the user changes the selection moves the indicator dot along. These radio buttons work like a slider.

Animated Switch For Radio Buttons

In Animated Switch For Radio Button an animated circle shows which of the option is selected. A moving circle and a color change show the selection change. The visual effects and selection animations are smooth.

Radio Button Styling

These radio buttons are designed with HTML and CSS. In this radio button there are two images given as option one is a man and another one is a woman. the selected image popup and color changed.

In this article, We shared the trending modern animated Radio Buttons designs styles for front-end developers. All The Radio Buttons are customizable you need to edit the code.