12+ Amazing Custom Mouse Cursor Effects 2024

Are you looking for eye-catching mouse pointers or cursor effects for your website and want to grab your visitor’s attention?

You have landed in the right place In this article, We provide CSS and JS code snippets that you can use to have some really cool mouse pointer animations that can be used to grab your visitors.

The cursor can be animated to make the user’s browsing experience more effective and to add different types of actions that he or she can take, such as clicking or double-clicking.

These cursors may have unusual shapes, change when clicked, or change between colours. If any animation and effect is applied behind them, then it looks very good and gives a good experience to the user.

Here we have hand-picked attractive unique mouse cursor effects, you can also check these cursor effects and use them on your website.

Custom Mouse Cursor Effects

Ink Cursor Effect –

In the ink cursor effect, it converts the cursor into a drop of ink and it rotates as a drop wherever the cursor goes. Through this effect, you can attract your visitors and you can use it to increase the branding of your website.

The ink splatter cursor can also be used on an author’s portfolio or online store website which will look great. This is a unique effect that you won’t see anywhere else. This effect is great for creating an impression of your website on your visitors. This can also increase your online business.

Spotlight Cursor Text Screen

Cursor effects can go beyond just that little blue colour dot on your screen. Here it adds a spotlight hover effect to the title text. When you hover or move the cursor it changes the text colour to yellow which is a really cool effect. This is a very attractive effect. If you want to highlight any headline and content then you can use this effect. You can see this effect on many fashion-related websites.

Background Animation Text Mouse Hover

Here the navigation text is written as you hover over it or move your mouse over it making your text slide. It used animated text hover effects which are basically a web design trick. With this effect, you can change its color, make it bigger or smaller, make it do a little dance, or even change the background. This is also a very popular effect.

Circle Cursor with Blend Mode

It has an eye-catching effect and smart implementation of CSS and js. Using the blend-mode property, the cursor changes colour depending on the background. It can improve the visibility of website elements on different backgrounds. As you can see in this, the cursor becomes white in a black background but in a black background the color of its cursor becomes white.

Flashlight Mouse Effect

In this effect, you can see where the entire page is behind a dark colour and is barely visible. When you move the mouse around the text you can see that there is a spotlight-like effect, that reveals the content in that area, and you can feel like pointing a flashlight onto the web page. If you want to users can read your content when they move the mouse pointer on the content then you can use it.

Mouse Pointer Animation

Mouse Pointer Animation is also known as Mouse with Trail has an accessibility feature known as a pointer trail that makes it easier to see the mouse pointer and track its movement. This is especially helpful for users who have poor vision or have a small computer monitor.

Alternative Mouse Navigation

This is a mouse pointer-based navigation menu. In this effect, you can select the menu with a left click and go to the old menu with a right click. It provides great animated menus as used in today’s websites. Using this you can also modernize your website.

Mouse Events Clock Follows

In this effect, a clock also runs along with your mouse pointer which shows the current time, date and year and also tells you what day of the year it is. It also has a clock-off button through which you can turn off this effect. After turning off this effect, you can use the mouse pointer like a normal pointer.

Mouse Tracker Effect

In The Follow Mouse pointer effect number of mouse pointers follow around your mouse cursor on the screen. It just track your mouse pointer where your mouse moves the number of pointers goes there. As soon as you move your cursor, the pointer will follow you and once you stop it will move and create a circle around the pointer.

Mouse Cursor Pointing To Call To Action Button Effect

Cursor arrow that rotates continuously to point to a call-to-action button. Wherever you move this cursor, in whatever direction you move it, you will find it pointing towards your button. And when you hover over the button, the cursor converts from a pointer to a hand so that you can click that button. This is a good trick that can be applied on a hero area or other important link or button to grab user attention.

Cursor To Image On Hover Effect

In this effect, you will get a circle-type mouse pointer and the names of spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons are written in it, as soon as you hover the mouse pointer over any of these seasons, the related image is displayed. You can change its mouse pointer and can also change the image and can also change the animation of the displayed image.

Sparkle Mouse Effect

Whenever we move our mouse pointer, the number of sparkles is seen falling and when we stop moving the mouse pointer, the sparkles stop falling. In this cursor effect, you can increase the number of falling sparkles. This is also a very popular effect which you can see on many websites.

Neon Cursor Trail Effect

The neon cursor effect offers a brightly coloured line effect that follows the pointer. If you want to draw attention to a website, this effect is for you, but this effect can also provide some high-tech fun. Sleek animations and colour changes will definitely grab the user’s attention.

Rainbow Mouse Trail Effect

As the name suggests it offers a rainbow color with the trippy mouse pointer. As you move around the mouse you see a trail of colorful rectangle boxes following the mouse pointer. Whenever the mouse pointer stops rotating, this effect stops. As soon as the mouse pointer starts rotating, this effect starts, this is a very popular effect and you must have seen it on many websites.

Bubble Mouse Effect

This is also an attractive mouse effect, as soon as you move the mouse, it releases several bubbles of different colours and it looks very nice this effect is used in many game websites which attracts its users. And they get a great experience.


Nowadays, if you have your own website then it needs to be beautiful and attractive and also it has many animations and effects, so the visitor spends more time on it, due to which the traffic on your website increases and the authority also increases. And Your website becoming more and more popular.

Using these JavaScript cursor effects you can create a professional and visually appealing website. Whether you are a developer, an ordinary user or you are looking for different cursor effects for JavaScript, you will definitely find something in this list that will suit your needs.

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