Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce

Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce
Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce is dedicated to user satisfaction. You will get the best interface with simplicity and quality. Everything you need to generate an effective product feed is included at Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce. This plugin was customized so that you can generate product feeds for all major merchant shops including Google Merchant shop, Facebook Dynamic Ads, etc.

Product Feed Manager –

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin designed to help you easily generate and manage product feeds of your WooCommerce store. 


With Product Feed Manager, you can effortlessly create accurate and optimized product feeds for various popular marketplaces, such as Google Shopping, Facebook Catalog, Bing, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.


It provides you with pre-defined templates so you can create the feeds without any hassle. That means, you can simply select the desired merchant template and generate a flawless feed in just a few clicks.


You can also use category mapping, feed rules, and extensive product filtering to ensure that your product feed contains all the information your marketplace requires. The plugin supports various feed file types, including XML, CSV, TEXT, TSV, and RSS, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your needs.


Plus, it lets you auto-schedule your feeds so your WooCommerce product feed is always up to date and you successfully list products.



Key Features of Product Feed Manager are

  • Pre-defined Merchant Templates.
  • Easy Feed Mapping.
  • Advanced Product Filtering.
  • Auto-Sync with Google.
  • Feed Rule Feature.
  • Integration with Analytics and Tracking.
  • Custom Feed Creation.
  • Dedicated Support and Resources.


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