20+ Excellent HTML CSS Menu Design

Navigation menus are a very important part of websites and web apps. The basic use of any HTML CSS menu is listing the options where your all pages are linked. Menus is the place for visitors to navigate a website. There is a number of different type of menu available like Vertical Menu, Horizontal Menu, Dropdown Menu, Menu with Submenu, Vertical Menu With Nested Submenu, Hamberg menu, mobile menu, etc.

Some websites, like News or magazine websites, must manage multiple categories and sub-menus. On the other hand for a simple blog, business, or personal website, a single horizontal menu will be best. Menu design should be inspiration and eye-catching, It should be easy to use and visitors will be easy to navigate.

A responsive menu is essential for improving your visitor experience and web design skills. As a front-end developer, you will need to be able to develop new menus and customize them, either for a client project or a basic portfolio site.

If you are looking for a unique HTML CSS Menu that fits all these devices, the HTML CSS Menu design in this list will give you some inspiration, you can use it for your custom design.

Randomly Generated CSS Blobby Nav

The Randomly Generated CSS Blobby Nav is amazing and stylish created with HTM & CSS. By clicking the hamburger menu icon in the top left, a selection of purple bubbles appears with the options. This Menu has smooth anchor scrolling, and uses backdrop-filter, and SVG filter. All the animation and effects are smooth.

Animated Tab Bar

An amazing and wonderful animated menu bar interaction written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Create a tab bar with multiple icon animations when you click on active tabs it contains animation and background color change. It uses an animated ripple to keep the active menu item separated from the menu bar.

Simple, CSS Only, Responsive Menu

A beautiful and simple animated navigation bar written in html and css. It uses a hover white color to keep the active menu item separated from the menu bar.

Pure CSS Menu Transition

Pure CSS Menu Transition has cool 4 different types of amazing transitions. CSS menu transition has a Hamburger menu look. When we click on it converts into a close button, which allows the user to see additional information. It helps to make beautiful websites and enhance user experience.

Pure CSS Hamburger Fold-Out Menu

Pure CSS Hamburger Fold-Out Menu is quite common to have Hamburger menus to replace standard horizontal menus on small viewports. When we click on it one overlay menu appears with a close button. This way, the menu becomes completely responsive and enhances the user experience depending on the viewport size.

Apple TV Menu Interface (Chrome, Edge, Safari)

It is a beautiful, trending, and cool Apple TV Menu Interface created in HTML and CSS. This menu interface comes with a hover effect, hover any menu item its font, and background color change.

Overlay CSS Menu

The Overlay CSS menu as the name suggests comes with an overlay menu. When we click on the burger icon the overlay menu opens with CSS animations.

HTML5/CSS3 Horizontal Menu

Lavalamp CSS menu is a horizontal navigation menu that offers different colors for different items of the menu. When You hover from one menu item to another the active menu color changes.

One Page Navigation CSS Menu

This menu is best for one-page navigation and it is used for linking to different website pages. It includes smooth transitions and effects, this menu is created with HTML, CSS, and js.

Pure CSS CPC Full Page Nav

Nicely designed and creatively use the hover effect, which allows the user to see additional information with hover effect. When you over menu items it shows the phone numbers of that cities.

Text fill on hover #1

This is a basic and simple navigation bar menu. When you mouse over the menu links, the text changes color in a nice CSS animation. These color changes are left to rightly smooth.

Lavalamp CSS Menu

Lavalamp CSS menu is a horizontal navigation menu that offers different colors for different items of the menu. When You hover from one menu item to another the active menu color changes.

Barra de navegación con css – Menú bar

It is a very compact and basic design menu. When we click on the burger menu icon the horizontal menu opens with a close button. The horizontal menu adapts the whole page width.

Menu With Awesome Hover

The menu with awesome hover has different menu options that are in the form of hexagons. The Bright-colored hover hexagons animations are eye-catching and indicate the active menu item.

CSS Swinging Panel Menu

This pure CSS menu with a simple design. The swinging panels come down to display the menu items with animation. This menu’s effects and animation are eye-catching.

Pure CSS Magic Line Navbar

This is the simple and basic horizontal menu. The user can manage the number of links at the top horizontal menu. The animated highlight background hover works when we hover each menu item.

Responsive Dropdown Menu

The menu is based on a horizontal bar with dropdown menus. The dropdown menus are in a block format. This menu is created with html and CSS.

Circle Menu

The Circle Menu as the name suggests menu design in circle form. When we click on the burger icon it displays the menu in a circle form with a close button. This is a pure CSS menu, created in HTML & CSS.

CSS Only Fold Out Mobile Menu

This menu is best suited for mobile devices or mobile applications. It is developed in html and CSS. All the animation effects are amazing.

Colourful Flower Popup Menu

Simple and compact design menu best for mobile devices. This menu spreading menu item in circle when clicking the burger icon. The differently colored bubbles that appear in the circle, contain an icon to direct the user to the place.

The More Menu

It is three dots menu best for mobile applications. When you click on the three horizontal dots at the top unfolds the animated compact vertical menu.

Inspiration For Responsive Navigation

Inspiration for responsive navigation comes as an expandable tab with green color. The tab expands when it is clicked showing a horizontal menu. The width of each menu item is the size of the screen.

Off-Canvas menu on Pure CSS

The off-canvas menu on pure CSS is a simple slide-out menu using just CSS. A side panel with a menu and content page transitions in from the right-hand side of the page. The complete body of the page moves right to create this effect.

In this article, We shared the effective amazing, and animated HTML CSS Menu design styles for you. It helps to enhance the user experience of your website. All The menus are customizable you need to edit the code.