16+ Custom File uploads with HTML CSS & JS

The file upload feature is very commonly used in websites and web applications. It allows users to upload their files on your website and store file on the server. These files can be text files, docs, images, videos, PDFs, mp3, mp4, or any other type of file. You can collect files directly through a form on your website like docs, text files, resumes, portfolios, or images and videos for Job Applications.

There are a number of different types of File upload programs available that use HTML CSS and js, Some of them like Drag and Drop file upload, File upload with style, and pure CSS programs available. We have collected the best CSS & Javascript File Upload Examples for your website. It helps to improve file upload UI and UX design.

File Upload using HTML CSS & JS

File Upload using HTML CSS & JS is a very common file upload program. Most web developers use this code. In this file upload, you can upload only pdf, txt, doc, and docx files.

Custom File Uploads

Custom File Upload using HTML CSS & JS is a lightweight file upload program. It is a simple file uploading program and most of the webdeveloper use it. In this file upload, you can upload any type of file.

File Upload & Image Preview

Looking for an image uploader that displays an image preview before uploading. With this image uploader, you can check the preview before uploading an image and you can decide whether the image is eligible for upload or not.

A Simple Upload Form

If you are looking for a simple upload form that helps you to collect uploaded files? This upload form is perfect for you to collect 4 different types of documents, videos, projects, and images. You can also collect multiple uploaded files at a time.

Pure CSS File Upload Field

Pure CSS File Upload Field is simple and easy to use. You can change the upload field text, size, and button color, or remove the text field using CSS.

Custom Drag File Upload In Bootstrap 4

The Custom Drag File Upload In Bootsrap4 is able to select one or more files using the drag and drop feature, and then upload those files to a server.

File Upload With Style And Pure CSS

This file uploader is created with JavaScript but styles the entire input with CSS3. You can change the upload field text, size, and button color or remove the text field to just use a single button.

Drag and Drop Upload Form Stylized (HTML & CSS ONLY)

Drag and Drop Upload Form Stylized (HTML & CSS ONLY) file upload feature is easier to use than a simple file upload. It provides a better user experience and looks attractive too. This was developed with HTML and CSS.

Image Uploader

If you use Image Uploader provides the ability to easily upload images to your server. You can also insist the users crop images using a predefined aspect ratio, a freeform aspect ratio, or no image cropping at all.

Nice Upload Form

It is an eye-catching design with an animated upload form button. It’s basically a super clean alternative to the default input style and it runs on pure CSS3.

DropZone Upload

Dropzone Upload can easily perform Drag and Drop file upload to your website and it is developed with simple HTML, CSS, and js code. You can change the style, color, icon, or anything else to get this to match your site.

Attach or Upload Files Modal

Attach or Upload file Modal upload is a multiple file uploader for a website. You can browse to upload the file you will send. This uploader allows it to upload up to 4 files simultaneously. It is easy to use and you can use it without difficulty

Bootstrap v5.0 Styled File Browse Button

The Bootstrap Styled file Browse Button is nicely designed. With the right color contrast file upload format, it can make your site eye-catching and attract more visitors to come to visit.

11/100 100DaysCSS

It is a beautifully designed file upload form. The File Upload Box offers two options drag & drop a file to upload or upload a file directly from your server, whichever you like.

Google Material Design Input File

Google Material Design Input File is one of the best choices if you want a material file uploader for your website. To use it, click the browse button, and the files explorer will appear. You can upload a maximum of 1 GB size file.

Box Content Uploader

The Box Content Uploader field was designed to upload multiple files all at once. You don’t typically see this with input fields or at least not by default. Users have to select multiple files in the same window.

File Upload Button

This File Upload Button is built with CSS3 to convert the input style into one large button. It uses the Font Awesome upload icon and creates a white circle around the upload field.

Drag and Drop File Upload

If you have a website and want to upload files to a server. This can be achieved using the Drag and Drop file uploader. The Drag and Drop File Upload allows you to drag and drop files onto a web page and upload on to the server.

In this article, We shared the eye-catching and useful file uploader design styles for front-end developers. It helps to boost the functionality of your website. All The file uploaders are customizable you need to edit the code.