21+ Best HTML & CSS Social Icons For Your Website

Social Icons- Nowadays everyone uses social platforms, and adding social media icons and buttons is Important on a website. Social media is the best source of traffic and generally drives the most traffic to websites. So you should try to attract more and more social media traffic.

It is also important to use the latest trending attractive eye-catching social media icons because they attract the visitor and insist to click and visit your social media page.

Social media icons are very useful for promoting and advertising your website. It helps to brand building on social media. If you have your website social media accounts, It provides an opportunity for website visitors to join your group or your social media page and share your posts in their timelines.

We have Handpicked the best 21+ HTML & CSS Social Icons & Buttons for your website. These HTML social media icon codes will help you add them to your website and increase your social media following.

Social Links

The social links show their icons beautifully and change the icon background color on hover. When the buyers move their mouse to these icons, they are changed into a black color background. it is fully customizable and easy to add these icons to their website.

Font Awesome Colored – Brand And Social Icons

It has a large number of social media icons. These social icons are created, font awesome brand and social Icons with brand color. In this collection, you will find almost all social media brands and companies.

Social Buttons

It is a simple and beautiful-looking social button. These icons are made with HTML and CSS. It has a solid background color, which allows the visitor to focus on these icons. The white background of these icons will be replaced by their official colors on social media when the visitor hovers over these icons.

SVG Social Icons

It has a solid white background and stands out on its dark solid social buttons. these icons are made with SVG. These social buttons have smooth circular hover animations.

Stylish Social Buttons

These are beautiful and creative and stylish social icons. It has a solid background and stands out with its colorful social buttons. When we hover it changes the white color to the Facebook or Twitter official colors.

Animated Social Media Icons

This Animated and trending social media icon is perfect for any website owner to create these stunning and beautiful social icons on their sites. Using this type of icon, visitors will be attracted by the big-sized social media buttons. It has four social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Dribbble, which allows the visitor to connect to social media pages and share posts on their timeline.

Flexbox Social Media Icon Hover Effects

The Flexbox social media has square buttons with social icons. The Flexbox social media icon hover effects are eye-catching. These square buttons and hover effects attract visitors and get more traffic on social media pages.

Social Media Hover Icons With Pop-up Titles

The social media with multiple social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, dropbox, etc are displayed on the red background. On this background, the white icons are surrounded by a square. These social buttons have a hover effect with popup tooltips to make them more attractive. It will insist to the visitors follow when they click on icons.

Yet Another Set of Animated Social Icons

As the name suggest animated social icon has spinning animated icons. On hover, it spins and the border-radius is animated and became a circle to a square.

Fancy Up Those Social Media Icons

A Large collection of social media icons made with HTML and CSS. This collection shows different types of social icons like static and another one is animated. On hover, social icons pop up and grow.

3D – CSS Social Tiles

These social buttons are created using HTML and CSS. 3D social media buttons in the form of tiles. It very attractive and professional social media button. It attracts visitors due to its size and tile form.

The Social Drawer

It is one of the unique ways to show social icons in the drawer. On the Hover over the drawer open and pop up all the social icons.

Fancy Hover Social Buttons

Fancy Hover Social Buttons is a number of social icon collections. On hover, the social icon disappears, and text with the name of the social media company appears in a blur.

Social Flip Cards

Social Flip Cards are the best for any website to connect with their visitor easily. You can show a large number of icons, These icons are arranged in tabular form on a solid background. On hover, flapped with 3d transform.

Social Icons

In this Social icons in white colors with social network titles on it. These icons are designed perfectly with multiple titles to describe the icons. On hover, changes the background and text color to their typical colors. The purple background is made more attractive.

Media Icons

In Media Icons four buttons are displayed With blue background. The white images are the four popular social media on this blue color background. Button’s animation makes them so effective and eye-catching for visitors. On hover, the blue background disappears.

In this article, we shared a large number of popular and useful HTML & CSS Social Icons and Buttons with unique designs. We have covered all types of social icons & buttons to 3D social icons & Buttons. Hope It helps to select the best HTML & CSS social icons and buttons.