8 Best AI Video Generators To Try In 2024

I think you are looking for AI-based Video generators. Then your search is over. Here is a list of some handpicked AI video generators that you can try now.

Videos are one of the most vital points that attract users. Videos can explain to you easily. Now only videos but some more factors affect the users’ attention like editing, speech, animation, subtitles, etc. So these points, just took into consideration while preparing a video.

The AI video generates will be very helpful for YouTubers who need to create an eye-catching video for their channels. They can create excellent videos with these AI video generators.

With less effort, they can generate your desired video by saving you time because creating videos is a time-consuming process. But now it has become easy with AI tools.

AI tools are multi-functional and rich in features that’s why they can do your work in lesser time.

Let’s Get Started,

What Are AI Video Generators?

AI video generators, as the name signifies, are AI-based tools that serve as some of the best free video editing software options available. The AI video generators are known for their simplicity and mindblowing results.

AI video generators’ work is automatic as their algorithm do this on their own and offer the best results. There are multiple AI video generators with different functionalities.

Its features like erasing video elements, creating green screens, using text to video to construct scripts from a URL or blog post, and more help to enhance the work and lessen the effort.

Best AI Video Generators

1. Synthesia

After trying this AI video generator you will realize how an AI can do this. This is a mindblowing AI-based tool. It can be very useful for you if you don’t reveal your face but hire an AI who can add another instead of yours and speak what you want to.

You can select an avatar out of its over 140 avatars. It will speak according to your script or convert your text into voiceover. You don’t any skills for this AI tool. You can choose between over 120 languages. Without any expertise, you can create a super video.

It is being used by numerous companies for their marketing, tutorials, tips & tricks, and more. There are many ways of using this AI video generator. You can start using this AI video generator by buying its affordable plan.

2. Muse AI

Muse AI is a features-rich AI video generator that may be a perfect choice for you. There are numerous features that will offer you an amazing experience.

You can embed searchable collections on your website. You can put your logo in this AI video generator and boost your SEO and discovery by indexing your video on its content. It is more than an AI video generator. That’s why it is widely getting used by creators nowadays.

It provides tools like recording, clip video, auto transcriptions, label & edit, player customization, and much more with video hosting, video player, and video search. With a reasonable price, you can buy its plan and get its services.

3. FlexClip

FlexClip is an online AI video generator that enables you to easily create and edit high-quality videos. One of the best aspects of the tool is that you don’t need any experience in video editing or design. FlexClip creates video from input text, making it easy to create high-quality videos in minutes. You can then customize the video according to your needs with the built-in video editing tools. You can also create unique videos by choosing a ready video template and customizing text, fonts, colors, music, and much more.

To use the AI video generator, all you have to do is input your text, select the best template or customize your own, and download the finished video. The video content can then be shared directly on social media platforms. If you need to convert text to natural-sounding voices with FlexClip, you can choose from 400+ voices in 140+ popular languages. Generating subtitles or captions for your video automatically is also possible in FlexClip.

4. Lumen5

Lumen5 can generate a video from text and blogs smoothly. Lumen5 helps marketers, publishers, and brands create videos, without any technical knowledge. With simple steps, it can generate elegant videos for your site.

Millions of people are using this AI video generator generating traffic on site. Using this tool is very easy like making a presentation because of its user-friendly features.

For user convenience, there is a translation tool that will translate your site into another language and you can multilingual videos. It is one of the best AI video generators for high-quality content as its result may shock you.

5. Runway

Generating video from text is very intelligent technology. It can also generate an attractive video from text and an image from text. It is one of the best AI video generators with multiple functionality.

Its features will blow your mind which include, generating images & videos, expanding images, reimagining any models, erasing things from videos, slo-mo video, removing background, etc. With the help of these features generated content will be absolutely eye-catching and perfect.

You can attract users to your site with its amazing content. Its high-quality content are enough to increase traffic and ultimately your earning. This AI video generator is free but if you want to be limitless then you can purchase its pro version where there are more features and services available.

6. Maverick

Maverick is widely used for an e-commerce store to promote their products and get interact with their customers easily. It can create personalized videos for its customers which is an impressive job. It is one of the best ways to boost sales by increasing the reliability of their business.

With a simple process and no special skill, you will get personalized videos for your customers. There are pre-built scripts and templates that lead to increased speed and save time for you.

On its site, you will find the samples and even you can ask for an AI-generated personalized video by submitting your name and email. This is a unique way to impress your customers.

7. Pictory

This AI Video generator is an excellent tool. It is perfect for short and high-quality content. You can share its content on social media and promote your brand or business. It is one of the best AI tools for videos without any technical or coding knowledge.

With the help of AI, you can turn a script into an eye-catching video that includes stock footage, music, and voiceovers. Its advanced AI can create videos from blogs. You can increase your search engine ranking with these cool features. If you don’t want to spend your time writing captions for a video then no problem it can automatically put captions on your video as mute video can also be understandable to your users.

Its video editor is easy and can edit your video with text too. Its features like video highlights, auto summarizing long videos, auto-captions, etc. are outstanding.

8. Wave Video

Wave Video is multifunctional too for videos. Using AI it can convert the text to video. It offers various templates to get work done easily. Pre-made templates can speed up the work we only need to pick the template and use it. There are numerous templates for live streaming, ads & promo, social media, and more.

It has a library where you will find images, music, and videos free of cost that you can use for your content. You can use its visual effects and graphic elements to enhance the videos. And also create beautiful thumbnails for your content.

There are separate tools for video editing, audio editing, video marketing, video hosting, and converters. This AI video generator is full of features that are essential for an ideal video. It is free but if need more features then you can buy its premium plan and extend your reach.


Q. What is an AI video generator?

Ans. AI video generators are video tools that are run by AI which is intelligence in machines. AI is one of the smartest technologies that can do automated work on its own. It is emerging in today’s world to make today’s life easy.

Q. Is there any requirement or skill needed to run these tools?

Ans. No special skill is needed. As these tools are AI-based so most of the work is automatic. You only need to specify correctly what you need to generate as a result.

Q. Which AI video generator is best that I should choose?

Ans. There are various AI tools listed above You can choose according to your need. For example, For AI avatar and voice over you can choose Synthesia, for text-to-video choose between wave video, Pictory, Runway, etc, for personalized video for your customers Maverick. I think you got my point.


AI tools made the most of the work effortless. With less work, you can generate quality content. AI tools can track you and offer you personalized results that you like.

These AI video generators are mindblowing. Most AI video generators are known for their unique feature for example, Sythesia is known for AI avatars and voiceover, Maverick is best for generating personalized video, and Pictory and some other AI tools are known for generating video from text, blogs, or script.

AI video generators are widely being used for content creation, promotion, ads and marketing, education, tutorials, and much more. They do not need any requirements and can be used by anyone and ultimately save much time because difficult and time-consuming tasks can be done in a fraction of the time.

Its videos are engaging and play a vital role in Seach Engine Optimization. That leads to an increase the traffic on your site. There are various reasons for adopting AI tools.

I hope this blog will help you still you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.
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