A Proper Guide for Paid Search Marketing: PPC (Pay per Click)

When I publish a blog with a good content but found that great traffic is not generating on my site which is expected. After doing a research on this got the issue, I didn’t use the correct keywords from Google keyword planner which is available on Google AdWord which will help in making my online presence stronger by paying some amount. This is all done by Paid search marketing.

Not only Google AdWord there are some other sources too but I generally prefer Google AdWord. All this is done by Paid search marketing.This will show your website ads on the top of the Google search and will generate more visitors to your site. I roamed the internet for my blog idea I read many blogs on PPC, blogs are interesting but the real fact is that if you get the knowledge about Paid search marketing you can do any type of online marketing because it includes all the other aspects too.

Being a blogger or a marketer you should know how to do search marketing for your site with perfect skills and where you should give your full efforts for gaining more traffic and revenue.

So here I am going to tell all about Paid search marketing or PPC in detail. I am damn sure this will help you in doing marketing of your blog perfectly and you can generate more traffic as well as revenue too.

Have you heard the term SEM?? SEM (search engine marketing) it is a process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It is a simply an internet marketing campaign. SEM includes both paid search results (using tools like Google AdWord or Bing Ads) and organic search results (SEO) hence it encloses SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) both which is also known as paid search marketing. Remember one thing both SEO and Paid search marketing are different from each other.

PPC for Beginners –

PPC is pay per click. It is a simple campaign run by Google AdWord which is most popular advertisement system in the world. Many small business owners spend more money on PPC ads as compared to SEO. PPC is a little bit tough to handle as compared to SEO but it will provide you more traffic. In PPC who have paid a fee each time when your ad is clicked, through this you can generate the traffic as well as the revenue.

Google PPC using AdWords –

  • Closely connected to ad copy to the keyword
  • The ad to its corresponding landing page
  • The ad’s click-through rate (CTR)
  • Other relevance and performance factors

Now I will tell you about the bid process on PPC in Google AdWord. PPC completely depends on your keyword which you are using for bidding. In the bidding process, you have to secure a certain keyword starts at $0.1 and go to $50 (the bid amount depends on you this is just an example). There are some keywords which draw higher PPC. Then the further process depends on bid checkers they will allow the PPC engines to find out the top bids for a certain keyword or phrase.

Pay per click ($) = Advertising cost ($) / Ads clicks (#) After the bidding the most important thing is auction, the whole process depends on the auction which is calculated by

Max bid*Quality score= Ad rank -> Rank position As you have seen many social sites like facebook, twitter etc runs their campaign for providing you visitors on your site they are also paid ads but you will get more profit which is given by PPC through Google AdWord. You will get more results from PPC.

Final Thoughts – In starting you will face some problems in that but nothing to worry about it, as much you know about Paid search marketing your work will become easier. Trust me it will help you in generating more and more traffic, drive your business to another level with great revenue. You have to be very patient while doing PPC advertisement because it may take some time. If anything I forget to tell you about paid search marketing please let me know by leaving your views and questions in the comment box.

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