Wix Vs WordPress: Which One is Better in 2024?

When building a website for your blog or online business, you’ll need to choose between different platforms, such as Wix and WordPress.

Each platform offers different awesome features and benefits, making the decision a bit challenging.

The key difference between Wix and WordPress lies in their functionality. Wix is a hosted website-building solution, while WordPress is an open-source content management system.

In this article, we’ll compare Wix and WordPress in terms of web design, user-friendliness, and pricing. By the end, we’ll help you answer the question, “Which platform is better for you: Wix or WordPress?”

Let’s dive in.

Wix Vs WordPress

Before comparing WordPress and Wix, let’s dive into why these two website-building platforms have gained such popularity today.

What is WordPress?

Introduction to WordPress as a flexible CMS (Content Management System).

WordPress is a widely popular and versatile content management system that powers over 40% of websites on the internet. When it comes to a content management system (CMS), WordPress is considered the top choice.

WordPress is a powerful and flexible content management system that offers a range of features and benefits for users looking to create a professional and functional website. Its popularity and widespread use make it a top choice for individuals and businesses looking to establish an online presence.

Despite the numerous competitors, WordPress stands out as the most recognized and utilized platform.

This is because WordPress offers many benefits that other CMS’s simply do not have.

  • Easy To Install And Setup
  • Simple, Straightforward, And Easy To Use
  • Cost Effective cheap
  • Search Engine And SEO-Friendly
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Access Your Site From Anywhere In The World
  • Regular Automatic Updates
  • Easy, One-Click Updates
  • Most Plugins And Apps

What is Wix?

Introduction to Wix as an all-in-one website builder.

If you’re looking for WordPress alternatives, Wix is one of them. While WordPress is a versatile content management system, Wix is a user-friendly website builder, providing an all-in-one web development solution.

When comparing a website builder versus WordPress, it is crucial to grasp the key variances between the two.

A website builder platform such as Wix offers user-friendly features that make it easy for beginners to create online content. for the moment,

A CMS like WordPress gives you complete control over all aspects of your website. However, it requires choosing a host and domain and handling maintenance. In contrast, Wix, a website builder, is more user-friendly for beginners.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of design templates
  • AI-based website design
  • Cost-effective pricing plans
  • Robust customer support
  • Wix app market for enhanced functionality
  • Powerful SEO tools
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Comprehensive e-commerce capabilities
  • Mobile optimization.

WordPress Vs Wix: A Comprehensive Comparison

Based on the website design

Let’s narrow it down to focusing solely on the differences in website design aspects between WordPress and Wix:

Templates and themes:

Customization Options:

Responsive Design:

Design Freedom:

Based on Ease of use

Both WordPress and Wix are popular platforms for building websites, but they have different approaches to ease of use:


  • Flexibility: WordPress offers a high level of flexibility and customization options. With thousands of themes and plugins available, users can create virtually any type of website they desire, from simple blogs to complex e-commerce sites.
  • Learning Curve: While WordPress can be powerful, it often has a steeper learning curve compared to Wix, especially for beginners who are not familiar with website development.
  • Control: WordPress gives users more control over their website’s design and functionality. This is particularly appealing to users who want fine-grained control over every aspect of their site.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Wix is renowned for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to beginners with little to no technical expertise. Its drag-and-drop editor allows users to easily create and customize their websites without any coding knowledge.
  • Templates: Wix offers a wide range of professionally designed templates that users can choose from and customize to their liking. This makes it quick and easy to get a visually appealing website up and running.
  • Limited Customization: While Wix excels in ease of use, it may be less suitable for users who require extensive customization options or have specific technical requirements. The platform’s simplicity comes at the cost of some flexibility compared to WordPress.

Based on Customization

Once you choose a theme, tailor it to suit your site’s specific requirements. Let’s compare Wix and WordPress for their customization capabilities.


  • WordPress is an excellent CMS platform for customization. You can create and shape posts and pages with custom blocks.
  • WordPress provides a wide range of advanced features, including basic blocks such as paragraphs, headings, and lists. You can also access navigation bars, logos, and post authors in the theme section.
  • WordPress offers several ways to customize, including third-party drag-and-drop page builders or modifying your theme’s source code. This high level of versatility makes WordPress stand out.


  • Wix offers a drag-and-drop editor, making it simple to rearrange pre-added elements without the need for coding. The sidebar menu provides tools for adding new elements, managing pages, and customizing other website settings.
  • Modifying website elements is simple. A toolbar will pop up when you click on an element, allowing you to adjust the font style, size, effects, and spacing.
  • Unlike WordPress CMS, Wix integrates text-based elements with an AI text creator. Utilize this tool to create personalized content for your pages, such as About and FAQ, and incorporate animations for a dynamic flair.
  • You can adjust your colour scheme in the editor to align with your site’s branding. Wix offers some palettes as suggestions, but you have the flexibility to modify each colour as necessary.

Based on Pricing


  • Beginning from FREE 0$/mo and goes up to $45/mo.


  • Beginning from $17/mo and goes up to $159/mo

Based on Customer support


  • WordPress offers assistance through documentation, tutorials, and forums. Moreover, numerous premium themes and plugins provide customer support for issues related to their products.
  • When facing intricate issues, reach out to your hosting provider for help. Hostinger’s customer support is available 24/7 through live chat. We offer WordPress solutions, irrespective of your hosting package.


  • Wix is known for its outstanding customer support. No matter which plan you choose, the Wix support team is available around the clock to offer solutions to your problems.
  • Another method to troubleshoot problems is by reading detailed tutorials in the Wix Help Center. This resource covers all aspects of the drag-and-drop builder, from resolving technical issues to improving your website’s performance.
  • You can also seek answers from other Wix users in the Wix Studio Community forum. There, you can explore popular topics or start new discussions.


Q: What is the main difference between Wix and WordPress?

Ans- The primary difference lies in their approach to website building and customization.

Q: Can I customize my website design with both Wix and WordPress?

Ans- Yes, both platforms allow for customization of website design. Wix offers a range of templates and a drag-and-drop editor for easy customization, while WordPress provides extensive customization options through themes, plugins, and direct code modification.

Q: What are the costs associated with Wix and WordPress?

Ans- Wix offers a range of pricing plans, including free and premium options with varying features and limitations.

WordPress itself is free to use, but you’ll need to pay for web hosting, domain registration, and potentially premium themes or plugins. Costs can vary depending on your specific needs and customization requirements.

Q: Which platform is better for e-commerce websites: Wix or WordPress?

Ans- Both are e-commerce capabilities, but the choice depends on your needs. Wix provides an integrated e-commerce solution with its own shopping cart functionality, while WordPress offers e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, which can provide more awesome features and customization options for online stores.


While both Wix and WordPress offer unique features and benefits, the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Wix provides simplicity and ease of use, ideal for beginners or those looking for a quick setup.

On the other hand, WordPress offers more flexibility, customization options, and scalability, making it a preferred choice for users seeking full control and advanced functionalities.

Whichever platform you choose, understanding your goals and considering factors like design, functionality, and long-term scalability will help you make the best decision for your website.

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, so ensure you research them before deciding which one to use.

We hope this article on Wix vs WordPress will help you choose the best platform that fits you. Good luck!

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