How To Use Sora: Best Text-To-Video AI Model Tool

Open AI is ruling the internet with its AI tools. It has developed outstanding AI tools that every third person is using all over the world. Recently it has built Sora, a text-to-video generator.

It has developed Dall E which can generate images with text prompts. It was a great achievement as no one could even think about this type of technology. The things and images that were not seen in the real world could be generated with the Dall E. It was no less than a miracle.

Chat GPT was specifically designed to answer user queries with an impressive technique that has been tried and tested, becoming highly popular after passing rigorous exams. ChatGPT is now used in almost every field to clear the doubt whether they are educational or personal.

Now it has developed another tool that can generate minute-long videos with text prompts. Yes, we are talking about Sora. You must have heard about this, this is worth it.

There are lots of news articles and blogs about this new tool on the internet. This can create any type of video you just need to write a perfect prompt to get the desired result.

What Is Sora?

Sora is a text-to-video generator tool developed by Open AI. If you used Dall E which generates images using text prompts, you could understand this tool but here are videos rather than images.

Let’s see a video to understand it.

In the previous video, using the prompt, a wonderful video is generated exactly the same as the prompt given. What you need to be is precise. You need to write emphasizing the character or whatever you are looking for.

If you give the prompt mentioning every single detail. A more detailed video will be generated as the above video is.

These results are enough to show the capability of the tool. There are many more videos generated by Sora you can see. All the results are perfect.

This is how the videos can be generated using words.

How To Access The Sora?

Sora is now accessible to only a few people, it is not accessible to all. Soon the tool will be launched once the testing is completed.

Currently, the developers of Sora are working on it to make it secure and efficient. When the Sora is released then it will be accessible to everyone.

How To Use Sora?

Let me ask you a question first. Have you ever used ChapGTP or any other generative AI where you get results by giving text prompts? If yes, then it is the same as those.

You will need to insert texts and describe what you want. Then it will generate an imaginary and realistic video. If you want a very detailed video then you will have to write the prompt accordingly.

Let’s understand it with an example. If you want a video of a Tiger walking in the Jungle. Then you can mention the camera view along with the tiger. You can also emphasize the movement and characteristics of Tiger.

There is no need to learn some technical skills to operate this tool. Like other generative AI tools, it is also easy to use.

How Does Sora Work?

Sora has a large database of videos. Sora analyzes the prompt and relates it with its database then generates a video.

When a prompt is given to the Sora it will read the keywords like character, action, background, colors, camera view, location, time, and other factors. Then it matches the keywords with its database and creates a video.

Alternatives Of Sora

What if we can’t use Sora because of some reason. It is necessary to know some alternative tools that we can access in need.

These are some tools that can be used instead of Sora. Let’s learn about them.

Invideo AI

Invideo is a smooth text-to-video generator. You can write your idea and it will generate a creative video instantly.

If you want to create faceless videos using AI this can be a perfect choice.


Synthesia is a well-known text-to-video generator. It is used in marketing, tutorial, teaching, promotion, and many types of websites.

You can choose an avatar instead of your own face. There are over 120 languages and more than 150 avatars available. It can be an efficient tool as you don’t need to hire a professional to represent you rather just pick an avatar and give it a script.


Filki is a good choice for creating videos for informational videos. According to your script, it generates video clips. It can be used for marketing, business, e-commerce, etc videos.

If you don’t like its voice then you can clone your voice and create a video with it. It supports more than 70 languages so you can increase your reach globally.

Veed IO

Veed IO is one of the best text-to-video generators. You just give it a keyword and it will generate a video on its own. Even you don’t need to write the script.

It is a cool AI tool where you don’t need to put much effort.

How Sora Is Different From Other Text-To-Video Tools?

If we talk about the difference between Sora and other Text-to-video generators we can create a long list of points. Let’s discuss some of the points in brief.

Quality – Sora can generate high-resolution videos within seconds. Quality is a crucial aspect of any video. Most users prefer quality over quantity so to provide quality content Sora can be a perfect choice.

Visualization – Sora can visualize the concept of the users and create stunning videos. It can create trailers and animations according to the prompt given.

Enhancement – It can enhance a video by adding effects and customizing the background. With some changes, the video can be enhanced. If you insert a photo and write a prompt to make it a video then it can do so.

Explanation – You can generate educational videos and explain your concept with the power of AI. Sora can add its explanation technique and make the video extraordinary.

Social Media – Sora can generate eye-catching videos to impress your users. You can create engaging videos to promote yourself with the help of Sora.

Limitations Of Sora

No doubt it can be a top text-to-video generator tool. But no one here is perfect. It also has some limitations that the users should be aware of.

Release Date – Its publisher has not announced the release date yet. So we don’t know how long we have to wait to access this tool.

Content Verification – It is not necessary that the video generated is accurate. You should be aware that the tool is just generated by visualizing according to the prompt.

Privacy Policy – Due to the privacy policy you may not get satisfactory results as expected. Open AI does not generate some type of content such as hateful, violent, etc.

Complexity – It is possible that Sora may not operate normally on complex prompts.


Q. What Is Sora?

Ans. Sora is a text-to-video generator developed by Open AI. It is currently on an article and blog because of its features and unique results.

Q. When the Sora will be released?

Ans. The release date is not revealed by the Open AI. It is being worked on some aspects then the Sora will be released.

Q. Will Sora be free or paid?

Ans. It is not announced yet. Probably it can launch a free version like ChatGPT or some credits to use for free they pay to use further.


In this blog, we have discussed about Sora. We have discussed some main points in brief. In case you need another tool then we have discussed some alternatives.

The Sora has not been released yet to the public. It has now given access to a few people only. It will be available soon, wait for the official announcement.

Sora is like a unique tool because it generates high-resolution videos as the prompt is given. If you have an existing video, you can enhance it by improving the visuals. You can insert an image and insert some motion into it to create a video.

I hope this blog will help you. If you have any queries or suggestions then let me know in the comment section.

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