Sell Digital Services Online Using Easy Digital Downloads Extension EDD Sell Services

There are plenty of plugins that allow one to sell products via their WordPress website. Out of these two, the most popular ones are WooCommerce And Easy Digital Downloads. While WooCommerce allows you to sell all types of products such as physical, downloadable, virtual and others, Easy Digital Downloads allows you to sell digital services. So, if you are planning to sell products like PDF, audio, music or any other digital product online, you can go with Easy Digital Downloads. 

However, if you want to sell digital services through your website such as offering freelancing services, there are not many options to help you do that. But by using Easy Digital Downloads and one of its amazing extensions EDD Sell Services, you can start selling services via your WordPress website in just a few minutes. 

Let us know more about this plugin and how can you use it to sell services online. 

About EDD Sell Digital Services

Easy Digital Downloads

Selling services online using Easy Digital Downloads is now very much possible with this EDD add-on that allows vendors to list services just like a product on their EDD store. If you make money by providing various services to your clients such as writing a blog, performing SEO, designing a website, logo, etc, and want to start earning online from your own site, you can easily do so with the help of this plugin. 

This plugin adds a new product type called Service from where a Vendor can add his service. It also allows vendors to add requirements for customers that will be needed for the order to process. Moreover, both the vendor and customers will get a separate conversation section to discuss service details and can also review each other once the service has been completed by the vendor. 

Features Of EDD Sell Services:

EDD Sell Services works in full integration with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and also offers dedicated support for the plugin. This plugin comes with a bundle of features for both vendors and customer roles. 

Service just like a product

Product Service

This plugin allows the vendor to sell service just like a product is sold. It will add a product type called “Service” which once selected will allow the vendor to add his service. 

Adding multiple questions

EDD Multiple Question

Like Fiverr, this plugin also allows vendors to add a set of questions or requirements which need to be answered by the customer to start the service order. Vendors can add multiple questions of different types. A customer will be required to submit the required details to start order processing.

Dedication Conversation Channel:

EDD channels

EDD Sell Services also offers a dedicated conversation channel to vendors and customers where they can chat about anything related to the service. If a customer has any questions regarding the service being performed, he can simply ask it from the vendor in real-time via the dedicated conversation section. 

Easy order management

EDD order Managment

This plugin also allows vendors and customers to easily manage all their orders via a separate service management page. All their services get listed on this page and both the parties can take appropriate action via this page only.

Adding Reviews and Ratings

Edd ratings

We all know the importance of ratings and reviews in business and taking this aspect into consideration, EDD Sell Services allows both vendor and customer to add ratings and reviews for each other once both of them are satisfied with the services. 

Email Triggers For Orders:

Edd email triggers

This plugin also enables email triggers for both vendors and customers once an order has started. As soon as a service has been purchased, both the parties will get email notifications for it. Furthermore, both the vendor and customers will receive live notifications for each order status such as Order started,order in progress, etc. 

Final Delivery Feature

Edd Delivery

EDD Sell Services also provides vendor and customer with a final delivery checkbox which they can checkmark once final delivery has been sent and received. Once checked by the vendor, the final delivery will go to the customer for approval and the customer once satisfied and checkmark the box to complete the order. 

Ready To Start Selling Online?

This plugin is very useful if you wish to sell services online. It not only allows you to sell and earn online but will also provide you features to completely satisfy your customers with your service. It is easy to use and offers dedicated support for Easy Digital Downloads plugin. It will offer a customer focussed experience to help the vendor gain the trust of their customers so that you can give your freelancing business new heights. 

We hope you liked this article on selling services online. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section below. 

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