SEO process for WordPress website

We all know that WordPress is the one of the best CMS to create any blog website. One more thing to add here is WordPress is SEO friendly too. We always want our readers to read most, buyers to buy first from our website to visit. Right..?!!

There are a number of steps that we have to follow to optimize wordPress seo. So, we will firstly start the process with the introduction of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Website owners are focusing more on seo to get their website on top search simply to increase trafficking. The Optimized code and formatting make search engines to find their website on top five Google search.

When users come on search engines and find the topic that your website has then your website will get more clicks and users will visit your website more.

Why is SEO so important?

Google and other search engines are following specific algorithms to rank the pages accordingly for search results. Your website rolls in search results only when you have optimized your content so we can say that it is not all dependent on algorithms.

Here, the importance of SEO will be highlighted to increase the traffic on the owner’s website, and that is what the owner has to take care of to increase the business. One has to make sure to take care that his website is SEO friendly.

What are the basics of wordPress SEO?

You have no need to worry about it, if you are a non-technical person who has never used any seo tool before. There is little basic technique you need to follow to get what you want.

Here, we will show you by which techniques and steps you can get the site done in wordPress if you have already used wordPress.

  • Site visibility in settings

This will be the initial first step if your website is ready to take off then simply have to uncheck this above option of Search Engine Visibility. This is the option given by the wordPress itself. It will hide and show your website url in the search engine lists.

URL structure which is SEO friendly

  • It states that the name of the search engine text is found in url it will also help to improve the website SEO.
  • Instead of using page number or any archives page number in url will discourage the site to give pull to the first search lists.

    Let’s see the example of how a non-SEO URL looks like:

    Now, the seo friendly url will look something like this:

    So now you have an idea how it works, moving ahead we will see what are the steps to make these links work like SEO links.
    Go to WordPress admin >> Setting >> Permalinks page and simply select the post name option, then click on the “Save Changes” button to store website settings in the database.

www v/s non-www

  • We all have a question: what is the difference between www and non-www in url? So, here the search engines understand your website as two different websites. So you have to stick to one url only, either it is www or non-www.

    For Example:
    www url:
    Non-www url:

    You can find these changes under Settings >> General

Best  WordPress SEO plugins

  •  WordPress has wide options of plugins which provide seo assistance. While it comes to choose which is the best plug-in to use for your site, there are still selective and best suitable plugins are there which make your website seo friendly and helps to increase the user trafficking.
    • Yoast SEO
    • All in one SEO pack
    • SEMrush SEO Writing Assistance
  • You can find them in wordPress plug-in lists. The step by step guidelines we will discuss later. Above all the plugins are compatible with the updated version of wordPress and works like a charm to optimize your website.

WordPress SEO  best practices

  • Doing best practice for SEO I WordPress does not mean that you really need any coding knowledge for that as you already have used the standard seo plug-in which works the most.
  • However, besides that there are few things you can do that really make a big difference in your website.
  1. Use categories and tags in your website.
  2. Internal linking habits in posts which loads in search results.
  3. Optimizing the comments also helps to take off your website in search lists.
  4. NoFollow External Links in WordPress.
  5. Summarise your posts in Excerpts will summarise the content in the search result page.

Speed with Security For wordPress SEO

  • The speed of your WordPress website impacts the seo to get the ranking in search results. I
  • t’s a big hit on SEO if your website is getting slow down because of some reasons or a hacker hacks your site.

The images are also more engaging to the SEO than the text, sometimes images are taking more time to load, and in this case, you have to optimize the images also to improve the speed.

WordPress is also allowed to alt the image text and add tags to the images so that any users who search for any related content or image will understand what the image is about.

The next tip is to take care of your website’s safety and security as Google blacklists 20,000 websites every week because of malware attacks and phishing.

There are also a few more things that will help website owners to successfully run his website by taking SSL certificates.


I hope this article will help you to use SEO in WordPress as well as to understand the advantages of using SEO on your WordPress website.

These all tips, as well as the highly suggested plug-ins you need to implement first and see how it will benefit and help you to boost your website and observe the trafficking on your website within a few months.

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