How to Speed up the WordPress Website

Speed up the website is the part of optimizing process of the WordPress website It is ongoing process you have to check your website speed time to time and keep updating. Here, we are going to learn how to optimize WordPress website speed.

Importance of optimizing WordPress website speed

  1. You have frequently noticed that the shark industries eCommerce websites are loading in a couple of seconds, do you know why? Because page loading influence everything begins from trafficking to jump to conversions than user satisfaction and finally, Profits.
  2. Thousands of websites which takes more than 2 second drops the 47 percent of website visitors, so in this situation when the direct or indirect traffic on your website goes bounce it requires speeding up the website.
  3. If your website taking time to load, probably the visitors soon leave your site before it loads, because you have very little tile to show the visitor your product content and features.

Let’s discuss now, how you can speed up your WordPress website. Below are the detailed points we will discuss to increase the speed up of your website.

How to Optimize WordPress Website Speed

So, how you can check the website speed

Well, if you are new who want to check website speedup then the best option over here you can find PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. The developer or the website owner himself can test the website with the minimum percentage. It will also show you at what points of time or images or any js load creates any issue to law the optimize WordPress website speed.

Isn’t it great, that by going to little bit deeper into the website issue we can speed up the site.

Let’s move and discuss the topic by choosing which scenario we can easily optimize WordPress website speed.

1. what’s the catch that WordPress slows down

There are some basic needs of WordPress website which could also cause the issue of slow down its speed. Below are the lists and elaborate their issues which could be the causes. A reliable Baltimore SEO company will be able to implement core changes and fix all of the below issues to speed up your website.”

  • Hosting : Yes, you read it right. If you have not hosted our server correctly, then it can directly affect the website speed.
  • WordPress Setup : If your WordPress website does not contain any cache pages then it could load on your sever and hurt the website speed.
  • Size of the page: Size of images and the more long pages which are not optimized for the web can also be the reason.
  • Harsh Plugins : Those Plugins which are somewhere not updated with your updated WordPress version and poorly coded can cause the issue to slow down its speed.
  • External Scripts : Some of you might using the ads or font loaders in your website, could be bad idea for your site. Remove if it is not much needed.
optimize WordPress website speed

There are so many cache plugins are freely available for WordPress, you do not need to so any coding for that, user simply needs to install it and use it. There are some lists of successful plug-in which are works best for WordPress.

3. Reduce image size including css and js

optimize WordPress website speed

While you upload any image to server with heavy mbs or download any big images from server, you must have notices that it took couple of more seconds to download, so if any single image is taking this much time to load then imagine, having lot of images in mbs in our website can crash the site and hurt speed more, in this case you can use minimum kbs of images that reduce the load like below formate.

optimize WordPress website speed

4. Keep your site updated for Best Practices

WordPress website is so flexible and feasible in any conditions here by taking backup of your website using upDraftPlus kinds of plug-in user can take frequently backup without any fear of loss data and update the core version with latest one including the necessary plug-in updates which are compatible with latest one.

One very important thing to mention here is that you have to take care of background process happening in the WordPress site, which covers up the cron jobs to publish posts and check for updates, backup plugins, search engines and crawlers trying to fetch the content. Reducing the size of post into the excerpt for archive pages saves the speed.  Splitting the comments into pages also affect the site speed.

5. Choosing lightweight themes and less heavy plugins

Zita theme promotinal-image

Choose the theme for your WordPress site is the most important thing which is not only attract your visitors to visit frequently to your site but also the time your theme is taking to load also affect the visitors as we have explained previously in this post. There are plenty of options in the market that you love to choose the best out best theme for your product to present, the heavy load affect the site speed, so pick it wisely.

We have some batter suggestions for you to choose the lightweight theme for you WordPress website, here wpzita provides not only best to look outer way for your site but also the inbuilt features and other adorns that the site is having gives the flexibility to work with the elements. You can find easy to download and install into your WordPress with latest updated features like Elementer builder and other libraries.

The reference links 

The heavier plugins you use for your site the harsher it could be for the speed turns out into crash. User needs to use flexible and simple coding structure, use less plugins and focus on more clean coding also affect the site of the speed.


  • by reducing the frequent data call
  • Reduce http request
  • Resolving SSL certificate issues
  • Using Updated latest PHP version

These are looks very small but very affectedly help to boost your word press site to pick the speed.

That’s it, these are the pretty simple steps and tips by which you can easily speed up your WordPress site, Do practicing it and implement it with your best practices.

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