WPVR – Quality Virtual Tour Creator Using 360 Panorama

Quality Virtual Tour Creator Using 360 Panorama
WPVR create stunning virtual tours easily, on your own, in minutes. You simply need to provide a 360 degree panoramic photo, and this plugin will create a virtual tour which customers can navigate easily. You can further add hotspots to include information or add more scenes to navigate to.

Quality WP Virtual Tour Creator –


WPVR is a modern virtual tour creator and 360 panorama viewer specifically designed to showcase your properties, shops, hotels, or exhibitions virtually open 24/7 for your viewers. Create stunning virtual tours easily, on your own, in minutes. Let visitors take a realistic remote tour and create a deep interest.


Imagine being able to create captivating virtual tours on your own, allowing your visitors to navigate through your spaces in a stunning 360-panoramic view, giving them an immersive and realistic experience.


And the best part? You don’t need any expertise or technical know-how to use WPVR.


With its simple and user-friendly interface, WPVR empowers you to create high-quality virtual tours in just a matter of minutes.


Whether you’re a real estate agent showcasing homes, an educational institution providing virtual tours of your campus, or a restaurant offering a glimpse of your ambiance, WPVR has got you covered.


Not only does WPVR integrate seamlessly with any WordPress theme or page builder, but it also offers dedicated support for popular platforms like Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi, Oxygen, and Visual Composer.


This means you can customize and publish your virtual tours with ease, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing experience for your audience.


WPVR allows you to connect multiple 360-degree panoramic images to create comprehensive virtual tours. By linking these scenes with hotspot navigation, your visitors can seamlessly move from room to room, exploring every corner as if they were physically present.


You can even add interactive hotspots that provide information through texts, images, GIFs, videos, and buttons, making the virtual tour engaging and informative.


Key Features of the WPVR WordPress Theme are

  • Simple & Easy-to-Use Virtual Tour Builder
  • Unlimited Virtual Tours.
  • Unlimited Panorama Image Support.
  • Panorama Gallery.
  • Shortcode & All Major Page Builders Support.
  • Gyroscope & Compass.
  • Interactive Floor Plan.
  • VR Headset Support.
  • Mobile First Approach for Virtual Tours.
  • White-label Branding & Personalization.
  • Show Visual Information with Hotspots.
  • 360-Degree Video (YouTube, Vimeo, & Self-hosted).
  • High-Quality Image Support.


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