Vrew – AI Powered Editing Tool

by Vrew
Vrew enables you to increase your productivity and full creative potential. It can easily transform your videos into Youtube Shorts and TikTok videos. You can Use AI voice and free assets to transform your post into an engaging video. Vrew helps to Create scripts and summaries from your interview recordings with ease.

AI Video Editing Tool

The Vrew makes video editing as easy as text editing. It is lightweight and easy to use. It uses AI to generate subtitles from speech in your video. It can easily add captions to long videos with minimal editing.


This AI-based tool provides transcript-based editing. So You need not waste time rewinding and trying to find specific moments in your video.


It provides transcript-based editing, you can easily find and edit specific points while reading through the transcript.


This AI tool offers 100K stock images, thousands of stock videos, 200 background music tracks, 1000 sound effects, 100 fonts, and design text templates. It helps to create professional videos without any copyright concerns.


Key Features of the Vrew AI Powered Editing Tool are

  • The Vrew is lightweight and easy to use
  • Effortlessly create videos with AI voices
  • Create video from text
  • Short-form video templates
  • AI-powered subtitle generation
  • Transcript-based editing
  • Streamline your video editing
  • Silence Trimmer
  • create video from PDF
  • Subtitle Translation and many more


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