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Mail Mint is Power up your funnels on WordPress with email marketing automation to get more leads sales. Mail Mint helps you optimize your marketing campaigns using a simple tool that is less cluttered and easy to use for managing unlimited leads, running targeted email campaigns, and simplifying automation flows.

Email Marketing Automation –

Mail Mint is a powerful tool that helps you optimize your marketing campaigns and supercharge your funnels on WordPress with email marketing automation.


With Mail Mint, you can easily manage unlimited leads, run targeted email campaigns, and simplify automation flows, all in a clutter-free and user-friendly interface.


It is designed to make email marketing automation effortless for you. It provides a seamless integration with WordPress, WooCommerce (Pro), and Easy Digital Downloads (Pro), allowing you to manage contacts and set up automation workflows with ease.


With Mail Mint, you no longer have to switch between multiple tools to create successful campaigns. It offers its own lead form builder, enabling you to collect leads from anywhere on your website. You can segment your leads, organize them into lists or tags (Pro), and run targeted email campaigns. The plugin also includes a feature-rich email builder, empowering you to design stunning emails with drag-and-drop blocks and full control over the design.


One of the standout features of Mail Mint is its integration with WPFunnels, which allows you to plan and create email marketing automation for your funnels on the same visual canvas. This means you can design your funnel pages and set up email automation flows all in one place, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.


With Mail Mint, you have everything you need to make email marketing automation a breeze. It offers easy contact management, advanced email sequencing (Pro), ready automation recipes, simplified automation flows, conditions in email automation, a custom lead form builder, dynamic segmentation (Pro), real-time analytics, and seamless integrations with popular plugins like Tutor LMS and ChatGPT – OpenAI (Pro).


Key Features of Mail Mint are


  • Collect and organize leads effortlessly
  • Design stunning emails
  • Set up and schedule email sequences
  • Integrate with ChatGPT – OpenAI
  • Utilize ready-to-use automation workflows
  • Visualize and create automation flows
  • Set up conditions based on user actions
  • Create lead forms to collect targeted leads
  • Generate dynamic segments based on contact data
  • Gain real-time analytics insights


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