MagicEraser – AI Based Object Removal Tool

Magic Eraser is an simple and powerful tool that uses AI to remove unwanted objects, people, text, and blemishes from your photos, providing a clean image with distractions or defects. You can With AI assisted image editing, get stunning edits done in seconds instead of hours. It is very simple to use, No skill or experience required, use the brush as freely as a any type of user.

Magiceraser AI-Based Remove Tool


The Magiceraser Remove unwanted objects, people, and text in seconds Upload, select the bit you need to be removed, and erase. You can download free to use. No sign-up is required.


Magic Eraser uses AI to remove objects, people, text, blemishes, and many other things from an image, and also intelligently replace that part of the image so that it doesn’t look like something has been taken out of the image.


You will need to select the part you need erased or replaced with a simple brush stroke that covers that part, but you don’t have to be very precise about this. The AI picks up cues from the image itself, including patterns, and other objects to figure out what to replace the erased part with.


Magic Eraser is a free tool with no usage limits, but downloads are at a limited resolution, with the maximum dimension being 600 pixels, with a Magic Studio imprint on the pictures.


Key Features of the Magiceraser AI are

  • The Product Photos Edition
  • Background Remover
  • Image Upscaler
  • Background Blur
  • HEIC To JPG Converter
  • Magic Eraser
  • AI Image Generator
  • Photo Booth
  • AI Art Generator
  • WEBP to PNG Converter


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