Loco Translate Plugin

Loco Translate plugin offers website owners a unique translation solution for WordPress themes or plugins. This plugin is especially useful for translating your theme other than the one it originally comes in. Loco Translate plugin will make your work so easy and set up your site in different languages.

Free Translate WordPress Plugin –


Loco Translate is different than other translation plugins. It basically allows you to translate WordPress themes and plugins.


The plugin comes with a Built-in translation editor which translates your WordPress theme or plugin files. It also allows you to save your translations inside the theme’s own folder.


For developers, it comes with localization tools for extracting strings and generating templates. It will directly create or update your language files in your theme or plugin.


Loco translate WordPress plugin will make your work so easy and set up your site in different languages.


It uses a simple user interface similar to translation tools with one column for original strings and the other for translation.


It is an automated translation plugin that also provides manual translations for some parts of your website.


The plugin editor section gives you a host of information like the language you are translating into, the exact percentage of translated strings, a proper list of strings to choose from for translating, and the sections for actually translating strings. Along with these, you’ll also get a comment section.


Loco translate dashboard can also be done via the API, letting you automate as much of your workflow as you need.


Its Free plan has some limits, for more advanced projects you can switch to its Paid plans. To know about its paid plans, navigate to this Link.


Key Features of Loco Translate are –

  • Built-in WordPress local codes
  • Configurable PO file backups
  • Have restore capability
  • The plugin has a Built-in translation editor
  • Extracts translatable strings.
  • Create and update language files directly in your theme or plugin
  • Native MO file compilation
  • Support for PO features
  • PO source view with clickable source code reference

To learn how this plugin works, you can visit its Beginner’s Guide.


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