Lightshot Chrome Extension

Lightshot Chrome Extension
Lightshot is the easy and fastest way to take a customizable screenshot. easy to use and simple interface, lightweight, and fast. It takes a screenshot and shares it in a few clicks and selects any part of the page. You can edit screenshots easily in place.

Screenshots Tool –

Lightshot is a very popular Chrome developer extension for taking screenshots. This Chrome extension is useful for all types of users like bloggers and developers.


It can be used by testers, instructors, graphic designers, and all kinds of users who will make great screenshots with this tool.


Once installed, open the page you want to screenshot and select the feather icon. Drag and drop the cursor across the area you want to capture. Select from the popup menu that appears and save the shot.


It is used by currently 2,000,000+ users.

It has rating of : 4.4/5


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