Kubio Page Builder Plugin

Kubio Page Builder Plugin
Kubio is an innovative block-based WordPress website builder that enriches the block editor with new blocks and gives its users endless styling options. With the help of advanced editing capabilities, Kubio users can build websites fast, with ease, and no code. Each block was designed with regard to ease of use, simplicity, and UX-friendliness. Web design with Kubio is intuitive so that Kubio users can experience a hassle-free experience.

Kubio Page Builder-

Kubio  is a WordPress website builder that is based on Gutenberg blocks and gives you the chance to create, edit and customize your WordPress site from scratch without knowing how to code.


With this plugin offers over 170+ Ready-made sections you can edit your website very easy and fast and also you can use Kubio’s over 50+ Fully customizable blocks that gives you more control over your design, and allows you to effortlessly create a WordPress website.


When you combine the power of drag and drop with fully customizable Kubio blocks, you’re on the road to success. Kubio Builder has over 20 starter sites that will help you when it comes time to create your own website from zero.


Key Features of  Kubio Page Builder Plugin are as Follows –


  • Full-site editing. When using the Kubio builder – Elevate WordPress theme combo, you can unleash the full potential of full-site editing.
  • Custom headers and footers – With Kubio you can create custom headers and footers that are fully customizable inside the Kubio Editor.
  • Blocks drag and drop. You can drag and drop blocks wherever you see fit.
    10 free fully customizable starter sites and more in PRO. Pick a ready-made design and insert your own visuals and text, and you’re ready to roll.
  • Designer-made sections. Choose from a variety of website sections to design all that you need: from portfolio to team and features sections.
    Blocks and sections are responsive out-of-the-box.
  • Advanced block editing. From font family to background colors, spacing, and borders, anything can be customized with Kubio.
  • Color, background, borders, shadows controls – you can style literally anything.
    Font size: em, rem, px. Scale font sizes using em and rem options so that you can be consistent across your whole site.
    Redo Undo. Need to go back and fix an error? No worries. With Redo and Undo you can go back and forth.
  • Control over global colors. There are multiple global color schemes available to choose from, that can help you be consistent across all pages.
  • Control over global typography. From the size and font family to shadows, alignment, and more, you have full control over your website typography.
    Navigate between pages and posts without exiting to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Compatibility with other WordPress themes – Kubio works with any WordPress theme. It enhances the core WordPress editor and helps you transition to full site editing (FSE).


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