IFTTT – IF This Then That

IFTTT is very helpful for marketers to do promotions on various social media platforms. As the name indicates "If This Then That" means if you have added something to your site then that also be published on another platform also. In an easier way, IFTTT is a medium that connects all our social platforms in a single place and increases our productivity. This works for almost all social platforms and other communicating platforms. The only this you have to do is authorize your accounts with it and it's done. Let us discuss more this service.

IFTTT – IF This Then That –

IFTTT refers to “IF This Then That”. It links your site to all social and communication platforms. Its main motive is to save your time while posting content separately on various sites. Everything will work from the same place by just linking all your accounts here.


Suppose you are publishing a post on your WordPress site then it automatically shows on your “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Pinterest” and other platforms.


It has various applets which are working to link your account. One of its examples is “Automatically Upload your Instagrams to a Facebook Page Album”.


It means when you upload some images on your Instagram account then it automatically uploads them on the Facebook page album.


This is very popular among businesses and new entrepreneurs. Also for business purposes, it is very secure and private.


Features of IF This Then That

  • Connects all your social Media Platforms
  • Links your site with other accounts
  • Saves Your time
  • Increases productivity
  • Connects your home lighting with app
  • Cross OS supported
  • Analyze your account
  • Supporting over 600 brands
  • Use thousands of applets already available
  • Create your own applet

These features will definitely help you to get more productivity and grow your business.
Moreover, they allow you to create your own applet as your requirement.


Also, you can add your name as the author. Other people can also use your applet.

If you get any issue using this service then they provide you proper documentation and their support team will help you with topics other than available in the documentation.


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