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Cliclic AI Product background removal
by Cliclic
Cliclic AI-AI Product Photos Background Editor Transform your product images with Cliclic AI\'s intuitive background editor! Instantly enhance your visuals by adding custom scenes or selecting from a range of preset options. Whether it\'s for e-commerce, branding, or marketing, this tool empowers you to create stunning product photos that captivate your audience. Say goodbye to mundane backgrounds and hello to eye-catching visuals that elevate your brand\'s image! Let your products shine with the perfect backdrop, effortlessly.

AI Based Photos Background Editor

Major function Background replacement: Users can choose the background from the preset background library, or upload a custom background image to place the product in a new background to meet different display needs. Background removal: Cliclic AI can intelligently recognize the subject objects in product images and automatically remove the original background, allowing products to seamlessly blend with other backgrounds. High quality output: Cliclic AI utilizes advanced image generation technology to ensure high-quality product images with clear details, meeting various display and printing needs. Batch processing: For users who need to process a large number of product images, Cliclic AI supports batch processing function, which can edit and optimize the background of multiple images, improving work efficiency. Target audience E-commerce practitioners: For merchants who open stores on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao,, Amazon, etc., the quality of product images directly affects the click through rate and conversion rate of products.


The Cliclic AI product image background editor can help merchants quickly and in bulk process product images, remove the original background and replace it with a professional and attractive background, thereby improving the display effect and sales performance of products. Photographer: After taking product pictures, photographers often need to perform post production image processing to meet the needs of customers. Using the Cliclic AI product image background editor, photographers can easily remove undesirable backgrounds and replace them with more beautiful and brand tone backgrounds, improving the overall quality and appearance of the images. Designer: For designers, processing product images is a part of their daily work. Designers can utilize the powerful features of the Cliclic AI product image background editor to integrate product images with other design elements, creating more creative and expressive design works.


At the same time, the tool also supports batch processing function, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of designers. Advertising practitioners: Advertising practitioners need to frequently produce various advertising materials, including product display images. Using the Cliclic AI product image background editor, advertising practitioners can easily create high-quality and professional product display images, adding more appeal and persuasiveness to advertising materials.




Key Features of  Cliclic AI are

  • Easy to change product background
  • Support custom sizes
  • Pre set multiple beautiful scenes
  • Generate unlimited number of images

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