Broken Link Checker Plugin

Broken Link Checker Plugin
The Broken link Checker Plugin can help you to check dead links present on your WordPress website. It is FREE, Simple & very easy-to-setup plugin. The plugin specially designed to find and verify broken links that are posted anywhere on your website.

Broken Link Checker Plugin –

Broken links are links that don’t work unable to access a linked page or website. This type of link is also known as a dead link. There is various reason for link being broken Some of the reasons why links don’t work are a website is no longer available, a webpage was moved without a redirect being added, The URL structure of a website was changed or URL not current.


Broken links are harmful to your website’s SEO. Search engines check links and if your website has quality links then it improves your ranking. Links to your website and links within your website can affect where your website ranks in search results. Because of this, it’s best practice to either remove or update broken links.


Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin is Specially built for WordPress Websites to check broken links. This Plugin is the fastest and most accurate broken link checker for WordPress websites. It is a very popular and useful plugin and has 700K plus downloads. The Broken Link Checker plugin is used to monitor and detect broken links 20x faster than other plugins. There are no page limits, no ads, no upsells. Enjoy effortless, unlimited, and automated broken link checking.


Broken links can kill your SEO, user experience, and site health Broken Link Checker helps you find and resolve them faster than similar plugins.


Broken Link Checker offers two ways for broken link checker one local broken link checker and another one is cloud broken link checking without losing your saved settings.


Cloud-Based link checker –  has 20x more speed, Unlimited Page, and Url Checker
Edit/unlink broken link, Crawl it all, any site of any size, and fewer errors, It minimized the chance of being blocked.

Local Link Checker – The main difference of our local link checker compared to the cloud engine, is that it uses your site/server resources to fetch and analyze site content and check the status of links.


Broken Link Checker Plugin offers a User-friendly and interactive dashboard. It offers the best scanning and broken link detection feature.


Key Features of the Brocken Link Checker Plugin are as Follows –

  • Run manual scans or set an automatic schedule
  • Edit or unlink broken links (coming soon to cloud-based)
  • Detailed broken link reports
  • Detection notifications via email
  • Advanced search filtering
  • Export report lists for further analysis

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