Backuply Backup Plugin

WordPress backup Plugin
Backuply is an easy-to-use WordPress backup plugin by Softaculous. Backups are one of the important security measures you can take to protect your data. Backuply makes it easy with its intuitive UI and one-click restores.

Backuply Backup Plugin

Backuply is a WordPress plugin. It helps you backup, restore, and migrate your WordPress sites.
Backuply helps you store your backups on multiple remote locations like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. It supports more than 13 backup locations to keep the data of your website safe.

Backuply provides 10GB of Backuply Cloud storage for Pro users you can check the plans for more information about that.


Restores with Backuply are really simple, all it takes is to select the Backup you want to restore and click on the restore button and wait for the restore to complete.


Backuply creates a single tar file of the whole WordPress installation. This means Backuply can migrate to any host or location where WordPress could be installed.


Backuply comes with the option to auto backup which makes sure that backup happens on a regular interval without the need to manually create the backup.

Features of Backuply

  • Local Backups
  • Backup through FTP, FTP, SFTP
  • Backup to Google Drive
  • Website Restore
  • Website Migration
  • Auto Backup
  • Backup Rotation
  • Backup to AWS S3
  • Backup to OneDrive
  • Backup to Dropbox
  • Backup to Backuply Cloud
  • Backup to Digitalocean Spaces
  • Backup to Linode Object storage
  • Backup to Cloudflare R2 storage
  • Backup through WebDAV
  • Support for WP-CLI


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