Adobe Firefly – AI Based Image & Text Effect Generation

Adobe AI Based Image & Text Effect Generation
by Firefly
The Firefly is a new AI-Based creative tool for Adobe creators who do the text-based editing and generation of a variety of media, from still images to video to 3D. Use simple text prompts in over 100 languages to make beautiful images, transform text, play with color, and so much more.

AI-Based Image & Text Effect Generation


Adobe Firefly is an advanced creative generative AI model that mainly works on image and text effect generation. It will offer new and easiest ways to imagine, create, and generate mainly improving creative workflows and productivity.


It can improve creativity and productivity by giving people new ways to imagine, experiment, and bring their ideas to life. This AI-based Image tool is unique and useful because it is more than an AI text-to-image generator.


The Adobe Firefly website has support for more than 20 languages, like Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.


The Adobe Firefly advanced version makes enable creators to use their local language and other inputs to quickly be able to test out design variations, remove distractions from photos, add elements, change the mood of a video, add texture to 3D objects, create digital experiences, and more. It fully customizes and edits its content using a combination of Firefly and other Creative Cloud tools.


Key Features of  Adobe Firefly AI are

  • Text to image
  • Generative fill
  • Text effects
  • Generative recolor
  • 3D to image
  • Extend Image

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