20+ Awesome HTML CSS JS Sidebar Menus Design in 2024

HTML CSS JS Sidebar Menus Design- The sidebar is a very important part of websites because it helps visitors easily navigate different pages. You can use the sidebar to display the Call To Action button or forms, social media links, or promotional banners.

Some blogging websites used sidebars for widgets or tools that offer functionality or information, such as a search box, weather updates, social media feeds, or a calendar, etc.

It is commonly used for displaying advertisements, whether they are third-party ads or self-promotion. This can generate revenue for you or highlight products and services to visitors.

You can create sidebar menus using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this article, We have collected the best sidebar Design and sidebar menus made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each sidebar has different features and designs, and You can also use it for your website.

Sidebar menus are like navigation bars that turn into sidebars on small screens. The Side navigation menu bars are also used on larger screens.

Sidebar enhances the user experience providing easy access to all pages and articles It helps to create a more engaging and user-friendly interface and website.

HTML CSS JS Sidebar Menus Design

Side Menu Animation

The Side Menu Animation comes with a hamburger menu icon that appears in the top right corner of the screen. This side menu animation uses jQuery to toggle the hamburger menu icon between open and closed. When the Side Menu icon is closed, the side menu is hidden and If the icon is open, the side menu is displayed a list of menu items.

Hidden Side Menu

The Hidden Side Menu comes with a fixed navigation bar at the top of the screen, a main content area for content display. It is a pure CSS menu hamburger menu when we click on it it opens and displays all the menu items with content. When a menu item is hovered or clicked relative content is displayed in the content area.

Side Sliding Menu CSS

The Side Sliding Menu CSS is a sidebar menu with different categories like art and design, fun, games, etc icons. The sidebar menu is initially hidden, but it can be opened by hovering over any icon in the top left corner of the page. Once the sidebar menu is open, it displays a list of menu items on different pages. The links in the sidebar menu are styled white background with a black border. When a menu item hovers, it changes to a darker blue color. This sidebar menu has “login” and the “Share” button. The “Share” button is a small icon that is used to share the page on social media.

Fixed Nav Hover Effect

The Fixed nav hover effect comes with a navigation bar that includes a list of different menu items. The menu items are styled with white color and black border. When a menu item is hovered over, it changes to a darker orange color. It is a simple but effective sidebar menu. The menu is easy to use and provides easy to navigate to different pages on the website.

Expandable Side Menu CSS Only

The Expandable side menu CSS Only includes a navigation menu with a logo and notes. It uses CSS to style the navigation. It is a fully responsive sidebar menu.

Sidebar Menu Hover Show/Hide CSS

Sidebar Menu Hover Show/Hide CSS includes a Navigation menu with icons. The navigation menu is wide enough to accommodate all of the menu items. When We hovered it open and displayed all the menu items, When defocused the menu closed.

Ionic Sidemenu Sample

The Iconic side menu is basically a checkout menu with an items list. When clicked it opens up and displays all the items listed. If you want to close this side menu you should click again on the hamburger menu it will close. It is best for shopping and checkout page.

Vertical Menu

The verticle menu is a sidebar menu that has a link and an icon. The icons are from the Font Awesome library. The menu is fixed menu and always open showing only icons. When we hover the menu the width of the menu will change smoothly and the menu items will be visible.

Responsive Left Side Menu With Pin State

The responsive left side menu with pin state is positioned fixed to the left side of the screen. The menu is initially hidden and can be opened by clicking on the side menu. The pin trigger is initially hidden and is displayed when the user hovers over the side menu. The menu items are displayed in a list with icons that are equal to the height of the menu.

3D Rotating Navigation

3D Rotating Navigation has four menus home, about, work, and mail with icons. It looks like an attractive menu with rotating animation. When we hovered over it rotated 360 degrees and showed the menu name with a 3D rotating effect. It defocused then back to the normal icon menu.

DailyUI – CSS3 Slide Out Menu Item on Hover

DailyUI – CSS3 Slide Out Menu Item on Hover comes with Four menus home, about, skills, projects, article, and contact. The menu is represented by icons, which are made up of a solid circle and a line. When the user hovers over a link, the icon changes color and the text is displayed.

Dynamic Dashboard Layout with CSS & jQuery

Dynamic Dashboard Layout with CSS & jQuery includes a header with a navigation bar, a user panel, and a main content area. The navigation bar has a list of menu links, each menu represented by an icon and a text label. The main content area is a container for the rest of the content on the page. It is best for the admin dashboard.

Sliding Menu

This Sliding menu with burger menu. The navigation bar is hidden by default and is displayed with a sliding effect when the visitor clicks on the burger menu. If want to close it then click on the close button it closed.

Simple Page with Side Menu

Simple Page with Side Menu with hamburger icon, that is used to open a navigation menu. The menu is hidden by default and displayed when the user clicks on the hamburger icon. The content area shows the content.

Jq Bs4 Megamenu and Sidemenu Mobile

Jq bs4 Megamenu and side menu mobile with a dropdown menu. The dropdown menu is displayed when the user clicks on the arrow icon next to a menu item. This mega menu also comes with a logo and search bar. It is a fully responsive menu that works on all types of screen sizes.

YouTube Menu Effect

The YouTube menu effect is an amazing and useful menu. In this YouTube menu when a visitor clicks on the menu, the main menu appears and the menu icon slides to the right side while the label slides up. To close the menu, the menu icon needs to be clicked again.

Navbar & Sidebar

Navbar & Sidebar is the combination of the sidebar and horizontal navigation bar. The menu is fixed menu and always open showing only icons. When we hovered the menu the width of the menu will move smoothly and the menu items will be visible. The horizontal bar shows the menu when we clicked on it with multiple submenus.

Sidebar Nav Animation

Sidebar nav animation is an animated sidebar menu that has a menu with icons. This sidebar has a pink background with white color icons. The navigation menu is a fixed menu and is always open showing icons. When we hovered the menu the width of the menu will change smoothly and the menu name will be visible.

Pure CSS Fly In Sidebar Nav

An attractive compact, multi-level sidebar navigation with a smooth transition effect. All submenu has “fly in” effects, This sidebar navigation menu with an icon are visible. In this sidebar menu items will scroll if they are in large numbers. It is a pure CSS-based menu and uses CSS transforms and transitions.

Fully Responsive CSS3 Menu

Fully Responsive CSS3 Menu comes with a number of menus. It is a fully responsive design so that it automatically scales its content and elements to match the screen size on which it is viewed. In a fully Responsive CSS3 Menu, there is a vertical navigation bar or navbar with a logo on the top side and menu links shown on the downside. This menu comes with a hover effect and shows content in the content area. This is a very simple navigation bar and it is created using only HTML & CSS.

Hover Side Menu

The Hover Side Menu with a revealing 3D menu with contains area. As the name suggest when it hovers the menu opens and displays all the menu links. The code also uses CSS3 to create the 3D effect.

Sidebar Menu

This Sidebar Menu is created with HTML CSS with Dark Mode features. This sidebar menu is always open with an icon menu list. When you hover, opens and shows the menu name. The sidebar is the combination of different navigation links with icons aligned vertically at the right side of the web page. The sidebar helps visitors to access different webpage through the help of navigation links and they have open and close features.

Sidenav Neumorphism

Sidenav Neumorphism is a right-side panel that slides in from the side of the screen. This Side Panel has a light blue background color and a white font color. The Panel has a navigation bar with icons. This sidebar used Flexbox to create a responsive design that works perfectly on all screen types.

Twitter Sidebar With CSS & HTML

Twitter sidebar with CSS & HTML for a Twitter-like website. It is used CSS for the looks of the website, such as the colors, fonts, and margins. It is fully responsive and perfectly working on all types of screens.