21+ Excellent CSS Horizontal Menu Design Examples

The CSS horizontal menu is a navigation menu that is displayed horizontally across a single row or line on a website. It consists of a series of clickable links or buttons arranged side by side, Generally located at the top of a webpage.

With CSS, you can make it beautiful menu that generally display on top of your web page, so it’s easy for visitors to see and click and access on different pages of your site.

You can use CSS to beautify it how the menu looks, like changing colors and fonts. A CSS horizontal menu is like a well-organized menu for your website, making it both pretty and easy to use. So, make your website better with a nicely styled horizontal menu.

Horizontal menus are very useful and can be effectively used in website different ways. It is mainly used in website like Main Navigation, Subnavigation, Tabs for Web Applications, E-commerce Categories and many more.

CSS Horizontal Menu

Thi is simple CSS Horizontal Menu that display 3D look. This menu comes with red background color which attract the visistor. This menu is easy to configure and fully customizable menu. This horizontal menu is made by using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Horizontal Icon Navigation

If you are looking for beautiful horizontal icon menu you are at the right place, thanks to Marco Biedermann for This beautiful horizontal icon. You can use this horizontal menu in your website. It improve your website design make it more appealing and attractive. Instead of using the text to present each heading in the menu, displayed different symbols that are suitable with distinctive items.
This menu is comes with light blue background to attract visitor. If you want to enhance users’ experience, you should install this Horizontal Icon Navigation to your website.

Skewed Menu

One of the best ways to attract more and more visitor, improve the site’s appearance using attractive menu.
This Skewed menu is presented in a nice and attractive orange background that has has a slanted or diagonal layout. This menu item is displayed in the parallelogram with black ink. When hovering the mouse over each item in the menu will change the black into the orange.

Menu Hover Line Effect

The amazing Menu Hover Line Effect is created by Mehmet. This menu comes in the dark black background that highlights the effect shows animated line wave. The menu is displayed in white text with hover stunning animation. This menu hover animation effect attract the visitor.

10 Simple Horizontal Menus

It is 10 Simple Horizontal Menus collection designed with white background. When visitors see it on your site will be amazed by the different and awesome kinds of the menu. The menu is varied from the menu with only text to the menu with different symbols.

Transparent Fading Navigation

The menu is created in an purple background and menu is highlighted in the transparent bar. When you hover the each menu item, they will be added an overlay to make viewers easier to focus on. To make your site appearance more beautiful, this Transparent Fading Navigation is one of the best horizontal fading navigation men to add on the site.

Simple Menu Navigation

Simple Menu Navigation menu is designed by Karim Balaa with the most attractive feature and effect. This menu is designed in the dark blue background, this menu has a dark look with a black box in horizontal form. When any viewers mouse over the menu item these headings, they will be brightened up by white boxes and zoomed in.

Sliding Horizontal Menu

With this Sliding Horizontal menu, the site owners are easier to empower their sites with an impressive layout.
These menu helps to save screen space and is user-friendly. These menu placed by a small symbol on the right side of the page. When you click the symbol the menu will be shown up with amazing sliding layout and color. With the green background, the menu is arranged for all your menu items that occupy a part of the right side.

CSS Menu Concept

This menu design in the grey background, the text of the menu items showing in the balck and colorful figures. These figures will be zoomed out to include the entire text when you as well as viewers hover the mouse over. The CSS Menu use Clip-path concept.

Horizontal menu

The Horizontal menu is one of the important item to improve page design. This Horizontal menu has a white background that makes all the advanced features of the page stand out. The menu is presented in the white with the grey top headings. Each item on the menu has a colorful thik small line on the left. These lines will make the text in the menu appear through smooth animation when users hover on the menu item.

Navigation Effects

If you are site owners and looking for best horizontal menu you are at right place . This menu helps to attract more visitors and improve their website’s design by adding the Navigation Effects created by bdbch. This menu offers colorful and eye-catching different type of number of menu options that change when users hover over them, adding a touch of creativity to the site. It’s a easiest way to impress visitors and make your website stand out.

Horizontal Menu

This Horizontal Menu comes with stunning attractive effect. It improve your website design and it attract your visitors, This horizontal menu item havin different type of image icon and text. When you hover it will expand and then shring so it offers amazing effect.

Horizontal Menu With Horizontal Sub-menu

This horizontal menu with horizontal sub-menu is a commonly used in website design and user interfaces. In this menu structure, the main menu items are arranged horizontally across the top of a web page or application. When any visitor hovers over or clicks on main menu items, a horizontal sub-menu appears below it, also extending horizontally.

Horizontal Menu With Slide Down On Hover

This horizontal menu with a slide-down effect on hover is generally used in website design. In this horizontal menu, the main menu items are arranged horizontally across the top of a webpage or application, just like a typical horizontal menu. When a visitor mouse hovers on main menu items, a sub-menu slide down or appear below the main menu item. It display gives amazing effect and attract visitors.

Horizontal Menu Items

This horizontal menu has two top and bottom tringle shap icon in red color with black background and menu item in white text. When user hover the menu item the top and bottom icon towards each other in tringle line smoothly when both icon meet they invisible. It create very attractive effect and animation

Menu Sliding Border On Hover

Menu Sliding Border On Hover is great for a menu item border animation effect. Made with CSS script, designers can add custom effects to design sliding border on hover menu. When User mouse hover on menu item it move left and right side with yellow border.

Horizonatal Menu

This horizontal menu has two border one is top and bottom violate color boder with black background and menu item in white text. When user hover the menu item the top border animated left to right and bottom boder move to right to left side smoothly and created beautiful animation.

Multi-Device Scrolling Menu

Multi-Device scrolling menu is a beautiful and simple horizontal menu which is design with html, css and jQuery.
This menu has light violet color background. When you click on any menu item one arrow icon move above of this menu item this showing the this menu item is selected. It has very smoothing effect and looks good.

Lastik Horizontal Menu

Lastik Horizonatal menu is simple and animated border menu. This animation border is useful for styling navbar menu items. Its border animated in the full length and width of the menu items when hovered over.

Stripe Horizontal Menu

Stripe Horizontal menu, help to enhance website look and make it more attractive.These menu mainly use in responsive website. These menu placed by a small icon on the right side of the page. When you click the icon the menu will be shown up with amazing effect. With the white background with blue text.

Horizontal Menu Full Width Sub Menu

This horizontal menu with a full-width sub-menu is a website navigation layout where primary menu items are arranged horizontally at the top of a webpage. When a user interacts with one of these main menu items, a sub-menu appears below it, extending the full width of the page, providing additional navigation options. This menu comes with red color background with white text. This menu looks great.

Horizontal Menu with Arrows

This horizontal menu with arrows is one of the popular menu . In this menu, horizontal main menu items are displayed at the top of a webpage, and each main menu item is accompanied by an arrow symbol or icon, which is used to indicate that there are sub-menu items options related to the main menu item.

In this article, We shared the useful attractive and animated horizontal menu. It helps to improve your design and enhance the user experience of your website. All The menus are customizable if you know html css you can edit and customized it.