Top 100 WordPress Theme Companies Alexa Rank

Every year you might have seen many articles being published on WordPress Theme companies with their Alexa rank. You will observe some new have opened up; few are closed and couples of them are rebranded. Theme shop is a very good source for finding themes for your site. Themes are the important factor for creating any site. Now in this article, we will look up the changes in theme market and what’s new is added to it.

Why Alexa rank is important?

Yes, it is, Alexa is one of the leading internet statistics engines. It provides your website a ranking, based on your traffic generated. They show how powerful you are on the web. They use their own algorithm and tools for analyzing the ranking of the site. Using Alexa on your site is very simple. Just install the Alexa toolbar on your browser and it will start giving you the ranking.  An increase in Alexa ranking will give you more traffic on your site. What unique will you get in our list- As you have seen many lists on Theme stores, so why you will read this article. The answer is straight, one thing is gripping and distinctive in our shop directory which is we are providing you dynamic Alexa rank. You will always get an updated ranking of each site. If the Alexa rank of any website will increase or decrease their position in a list will change automatically. Our below list includes 100 of premium/commercial theme vendors site and this is a great resource for finding thousands of premium WordPress themes.   Wrapping Up- The above list is completely on the basis of Alexa rank. Alexa analyses the traffic on the site and gave them a ranking but it always fluctuates. That’s why we are providing you dynamic Alexa ranking. This will keep you updated with the rank of the site. Hope this will help you in give a guideline in choosing the best theme company.


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