Warmer – AI Email Writer

Warmer - AI Email Writer
Warmer.ai is an AI based tool that helps customize emails quickly and effectively. It writes highly personalized emails based on a prospect's Linkedin profile or website. You can create one off emails or in bulk using a CSV file.

AI Based Personalized Email –

Warmer.ai is a AI based tool that create personalized emails by examining data from LinkedIn, websites, or CSV files. It enables users to choose specific goal, such as booking meetings or driving traffic, and personalizes content accordingly.


It offers various pricing tiers with different credit allotments and personalization capabilities, catering to diverse user needs and outreach scales.


It helps to create lists of multiple people for efficient personalization at a scale. The AI tool will empower your outreach efforts with AI-generated personalization’s that capture attention, foster connections, and drive desired actions.


Experience the power of personalized communication and unlock new levels of success in your email campaigns. Skyrocket your cold emails with Warmer and watch your engagement rates reach new heights.


Key Features of  Warmer AI are

  • AI In Depth Research
  • Automated Everything
  • Real Time data used
  • Personalization tools
  • AI writing tools
  • Linkedin and website Data source used
  • Mailshake email interations
  • Hight volume and low volume sending


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