Paradox – Conversational Hiring Software

Paradox - Conversational Hiring Software
Paradox is a advanced conversational AI-based recruiting platform that automates recruiting tasks like candidate screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding to expedite the hiring process.

AI Recruiting Platform –

Paradox is the conversational recruiting platform that automates up to 99% of the hiring process with next-gen ATS, CRM, and Career Site solutions through mobile apply, automated screening, instant scheduling, and onboarding.


Serving clients like McDonald’s, Amazon, Nestle, and GeneralMotors, Paradox saves recruiters and hiring managers hours every day while delivering the world’s best, most frictionless candidate experience.


Conversational AI is capability to understand the nuance of someone’s intent reading between the lines of their message using Natural Language Processing (NLP).


Key Features of  Paradox AI are

  • Automated Scheduling
  • Multi-Person Interview Management
  • Candidate interview and screening
  • Onboarding Support


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