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Monica AI Chat Assistant
by Monica
Monica AI is an AI-powered Chrome extension that helps users to effortlessly process any selected text on any webpage. It can be used to translate, explain, summarize, or use your own prompt to effortlessly process any text you select on any webpage. If you are searching for the best AI-powered chat assistant that can help you with chat support, copywriting, and text assistance, then Monica AI is the best option.

AI-Based Chat Assitant –

Monica is a Chrome extension Powered by Chatgpt-4 API designed to be your personal AI assistant for effortless chatting, translating, explaining, summarizing, and copywriting.


Monica uses advanced AI powered by Chatgpt-4 API to understand and respond to your chat message as well as generate Copywriting based on the templates provided.


Monica AI is an advanced and powerful tool for those seeking AI-powered chat support and copywriting assistance, offering a free trial and the option to upgrade to a paid plan.


Monica can also translate, rephrase and explain text on any web page. You can chat with Monica about anything, anywhere. Let Monica help you create effortlessly and insert text anywhere.



Key Features of Monica AI are

  • Monica is powered by the ChatGPT API
  • Monica is a Chrome extension
  • Monica offers 80 templates to effortlessly create copy for any web page.
  • It Works as text assistance to translate, rephrase, and explain any text on any web page.
  • Increased productivity by automating the task
  • It can do personalized answers and chat
  • It increases reliability and accuracy
  • 24/7 availability


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