Magicform AI – Lead Generation

Magicform AI - Lead Generation AI
MagicForm offers Engage visitors & boost conversions. Leverage AI technology for personalized, human-like customer interactions.

Lead Generation AI –

Magicform AI offers supercharge your top of funnel with a 24/7 AI that qualifies, converts, and follows up with leads. You can set up the automations to send lead notifications to any set of emails you enter.


You have full control over what information you’d like your AI to collect from your prospects. It simply connect to Zapier and get your API key from the Launch page and you’re all set.


MagicForm utilizes advanced AI technology known as ChatGPT to interact with your website visitors. This AI-powered platform has been trained on diverse datasets to understand, learn, and respond to customer queries effectively and human-like.


The AI learns about your business, it builds a bank of question-answer pairs. When a customer asks a question, we search that bank for the most similar questions that we have answers too.


We can measure the similarity and if its not above a proprietary threshold, we instruct the AI to respond that it doesn’t have the answer.


Key Features of  Magicform AI are

  • It is easy to used
  • Chatgpt Technology
  • CRM Iteration
  • Data collection
  • Website Engagement
  • Sales and Marketing Insight
  • Customer Support


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