Conversica – AI Powered Conversations To Unlock Revenue

Conversica AI Powered Conversations To Unlock Revenue
Conversica is leading provider of Conversation Automation solutions, with billions of human interactions spanning more than a decade. It's Powerfully Human technology gives the dialogue a natural feel, mimicking the natural flow of human conversation rather than forcing contacts through rigid scripts.

Conversica AI Revenue Digital Assistant

Conversica AI is the leading provider of Conversational AI helping companies attract, acquire and grow revenue across the customer lifecycle.


It is  equipped with different type of advance features and skills and multichannel, multilingual, and multi-integration capabilities to deliver a truly exceptional human-like experience at scale. It’s easy to see why Conversica’s platform outperforms other Conversation Automation solutions every time.


Its omnichannel AI Assistants engage in human-like, two-way dialogue in real-time or on buyers’ time to boost productivity, increase performance, and ultimately drive revenue opportunities.


It find hidden revenue sitting right under your noses with human-like conversations that are delivered at the right time, right place, and right language every time.


It Multiply your resources with Revenue Digital Assistants that can be trusted to take on critical and time-consuming tasks autonomously.


Key Features of Conversica AI are –

  • Revenue Digital Assistant for Marketing
  • Revenue Digital Assistant for Sales
  • Revenue Digital Assistant for Customer Success
  • Its hold Powerfully Human™ conversations over chat, email and SMS.
  • It is smart and flexible to work with different channel or language.
  • It sends alerts via email and SMS
  • Conversica offers several out-of-the-box reports to help get our clients started


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