1. How do I get started?

When you purchase our theme, you will get a link to download on the page & in your mail too. There are two ways to install our theme –

  • Open your FTP and go to your WordPress theme directory, upload the extracted file of the theme. After that activate it from your dashboard.
  • The second one and direct method is to just open your dashboard and go to “Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> upload Theme”. Then select downloaded “zip” file from your PC and click on “Install Now”.
  • It will install a theme in the dashboard. You can now see theme on your domain.

2. How do I create a new page?

It is very simple to create a new page. In the left side of your dashboard, there is a tab of “Pages”. When you hover the mouse on it, you will get “Add new” tab. By clicking on it by you can create a page. In editor you can add your text and images.

3. How do I create post?

Same as you have created a page. You will get “Posts” tab in your left menu, hover on it and click on “Add New”. It will just look like Page editor but you can write your blog post here, which will show on your blog page.

4. Does your theme works on WordPress.com

Our theme only works on self-hosted WordPress which is available at “WordPress.org”. After installing WordPress you can use our theme.

5. Can I change language of your theme.

With our theme package you will get “.po” you can easily change language to your language using it.

6. From where do I get support of your theme?

You will get support by mail.

7. Can I modify your theme?

Yes, you are free to modify our theme. In a theme we give you dummy content and images, You can change them according to your need. Even you can change copyright text which is available in a footer.

8. Does your theme works with latest WordPress version.

Yes, our theme works with latest WordPress version.

9. Does your theme support third party plugin

Yes, we have created our theme in such a way that it can support almost all plugin available in a market. However, It is very difficult to test each and every plugin. So if you get any issues either you can contact to our support forum. They will help you in every possible manner to make plugin compatible with the theme. Or you can use any alternate plugin.

Account and purchasing related F.A.Q.

1. From where do I get my theme

As soon as you make purchase theme download link will come to that page also you will get mail to download it. You can easily download a theme from there.

2. Does your theme works on multisite.

Yes, all our theme works on multisite.

We have covered all basic questions in F.A.Q. Still you have any query then feel free to ask Mail Us